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First Italian apples to land in Vietnam 

First Italian apples to land in Vietnam 


After five years of negotiations, Italian cooperative VOG has announced the export of the first shipment of Italian-grown apples to Vietnam. The first shipment will consist of 8 tons of South-Tyrolean apples. The biggest hurdle to be overcome during negotiations was clarification of phytosanitary requirements. These matters have now been resolved following several site inspections conducted by the Asian plant protection authority. 

Director of VOG, Walter Pardatscher, said, “With this first delivery to Vietnam, not just our association but the entire national apple market has reached a major milestone. No apple has ever been shipped from Italy to Vietnam before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Assomela, the representative of the interests of Italian apple producers, and hope that we can consolidate and continue our cooperation with Vietnam in the near future.”

VOG now intends to expand also into the markets of Taiwan and Thailand.

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Success in Berlin for the ‘CIV & Friends Meeting’ event and the Modì Apple International meeting with Licensees


The CIV celebrates the 50 years of its Indian partner IG International

The CIV (Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti of San Giuseppe di Comacchio (Ferrara, Italy)), which stands for excellence in innovative varietal research at an international level, is taking stock of its participation in Fruit Logistica 2020, the world’s leading event dedicated to the world of fruit and vegetables – , which has become an important meeting place for international operatorswho are interested in new products and major varietal development projects. 

On the eve of the opening of the Berlin event at the Steigenberger Hotel of Berlin, the second edition of the ‘CIV & Friends Meeting’ took place with a large participation of representatives of companies interested in the preview presentation of the CIV Product & Project Portfolio of new apple varieties/selections.

During the Fair, the traditional annual Modi® Apple IMMCA Meeeting (‘International Marketing Cooperation & Coordination Agreement’) also took place, organised by the CIV – owner of the patent of the Civg198* apple variety and of the Modì® brand with which it is marketed worldwide – with its authorised international licensees in order to implement and coordinate the marketing strategies necessary for the development of the Modì® brand and to share the production techniques of the CIVG198* variety, in full compliance with environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the CIV had the honour of taking part in the evening-Event of 06/02/2020 for the 50th Anniversary of its Partner IG INTERNATIONAL, which – with its Director Tarun Arora and the entire company management – has hailed 2020 as a very special year since its foundation in 1970 by organising a special party where they also revealed their future plans for global expansion. Please note that IG INTERNATIONAL is currently the only distributor/importer of CIVG198 fruit under the Modì® brand for the whole Indian region.

During the Berlin trade fair, CIV President Pier Filippo Tagliani, with the Business Development Manager Marco Bertolazzi, the Brand/Project Manager Dario Lezziero and the Technical Manager Marzio Zaccarini, met the many international operators interested in the latest CIV news on apple, pear and strawberry, which differ mainly in the following features: ease of cultivation, productivity, long conservation and shelf-life, high organoleptic characteristics, attractive appearance, adaptability to different soil and climate conditions, resistance to certain diseases (core aspect of the CIV genetic improvement programme).

CIV President, Pier Filippo Tagliani, said, “Despite the expected absence of Asian operators, the Berlin fair is certainly confirmed as the main international event of the entire fruit and vegetable industry (i.e.: research-production-marketing and related services), and we thank all interested operators who visited us to learn about our selections/varieties of apple, strawberry and pear; the last of which were developed by the University of Bologna thanks to private funding from the CIV.”


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Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

“A satisfactory and successful Fruit Logistica”: that is the positive assessment of Alessandro Zampagna, managing director of Origine Group, the consortium of 9 leading Italian and Chilean companies.

“The absence of the Chinese and a few cancellations had no visible influence,” said Zampagna. “There were many visitors and all our meetings were confirmed.” There is growing interest in the activity of Origine Group, which promotes its members’ fruits in overseas markets.

“Despite the smaller Italian kiwi crop, our sales are going very well,” said Zampagna. “From October to the 31 December we shipped 80% more kiwis compared to the previous season, a trend that was confirmed in January. We have shipped more than 1,800 tons of Italian kiwis in the first half of the season, and we hope to go on until the end of March with these numbers.”

Particular success was recorded in the Americas, with Mexico opening to Italian kiwis this year, as well as in the Far East, although the Coronavirus has changed the situation somewhat in these markets.

“The Coronavirus has certainly had a terrible impact on the Chinese market, which is practically stuck, while other Asian markets have seen no negative impacts whatsoever. Fortunately, we have a limited stock in China and the containers afloat can be redirected if necessary. Nonetheless, we hope that it will be not necessary and that the situation in China will soon be back to normal,” said Zampagna.  In the Asian markets, Origine Group continues to market its high-quality brand Sweeki, which is present in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea.



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McGarlet at Fruit Logistica2020: a huge success “on the road”

The Italian company at the Berlin fair has launched the new Grab&Go project “Italy on the Road”


McGarlet, the leading Italian company in the importation and distribution of exotic fruit, has displayed at Fruit Logistica “Italy on the Road”, the new Grab&Go project which proposes a complete assortment of “ready to consume” products, identified by an Italian way of food concept, according to a Mediterranean “gourmet” diet.

© McGarlet


The reference target is a dynamic consumer, who thinks internationally, travelling frequently with little time to eat, but still requires healthy, tasty, fresh, and light food. In a few words this is what “Italy on the Road” is all about.

The “Italy on the Road” full assorted fridge is the new proposal for high-traffic points of sales such as airports, hotel, petrol stations, railway stations, and shopping centers.

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The other brand-new product showed at Berlin fair is BioPack, the new sustainable and plastic-free packaging.

The Italian company has launched the 100% sustainable line of products to guarantee the maximum respect for the environment and our Planet as a whole. All the exotic fruits will be packaged in completely biodegradable trays, made from cardboard produced from renewable forests wood pulp (FSC® certification). Moreover, all labels and plastic-free clingfilm will be fully compostable and disposable in organic waste.

BioPack, McGarlet’s sustainable and plastic-free packaging, is the final result of an intense planning, research and development process with the purpose of definitely removing plastics from our packaging. Consumers will finally enjoy exotic fruits with ecofriendly packaging, made with biodegradable and compostable materials. On the bottom, McGarlet’s new packaging has also infographics showing how to correctly dispose of all the components.


© McGarlet


Company profile

McGarlet, founded in 1927, is a leading Italian company in the import and distribution of exotic and counter-season fruit. Alongside the core business – exotic fresh fruits – the company has chosen to invest in direct production of fresh-cut products with high quality produce and exclusive recipes: fruits salads, extracts and pulps (united by the message “pure quality and innovation”) are therefore made in the very modern factories of S.Paolo d’Argon and Albano S. Alessandro. The company has also launched the 100% sustainable line of products to guarantee the maximum respect for the environment and our Planet as a whole.



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YELLO® apple lands in Australia

Credit: VOG


Having already conquered Japan and Europe, the Shinano Gold variety crosses new frontiers. The innovative yello® club apple produced in South Tyrol exclusively by the VOG and VIP consortiums, will roll out an extensive expansion programme. At Fruit Logistica, the VOG and VIP consortiums signed an agreement with Montague Australia for the cultivation of Shinano Gold. More detailed tests are also being launched in the United States and South Africa.

Attending this important moment were the president of the VOG Consortium, Georg Kössler, the president of VIP, Thomas Oberhofer, representatives of Montague Australia, Scott Montague and Rowan Little, and Gerhard Dichgans, responsible for the project. “The sub-license foresees, for the moment, the cultivation of twenty-five hectares, although there is the option to extend the surface up to fifty hectares,” said Georg Kössler, speaking on behalf of the two consortiums, VOG and VIP.

“In Australia, the tests carried out have yielded very positive results,” said Scott Montague, of the Montague company, based in the state of Victoria, Australia. “The territory in which we have planted the first apple trees has proven to be especially suitable for growing this premium variety. This is why we have stipulated the sub-license agreement with VOG and VIP: so in Australia we can also produce the first quantities of yello®”.

As part of the extension of a test contract agreed with Nagano Prefecture in Japan, more Shinano Gold apple trees will be planted in the United States and South Africa. The tests will be carried out in collaboration with Columbia Fruit Packers and McDougall & Sons, two companies of Wenatchee, in the state of Washington (United States of America) and Fruitways Farming, company of Elgin (South Africa), three historical partners of VI.P and VOG within the International Pomefruit Alliance (IPA).

“This new apple has all the potential to change the segment of yellow-skinned apples: with its slightly exotic and tropical aroma, its crispy and juicy pulp, it responds to the demands of the modern consumer,” underlines Gerhard Dichgans, who has perfected the contract on behalf of VIP and VOG. “We have already registered the yello® brand in more than sixty countries and as of this year we began to expand its borders in a very concrete way throughout the world.”

The variety, marketed under the yello® brand, is called Shinano Gold and was developed in Japan, thanks to a development programme of the Nagano Experimentation Centre, which crossed the Golden Delicious and the Senshu.

yello® has a full yellow skin, a firm texture and a sweet, crispy and juicy heart. It also distinguishes itself by offering excellent conservability and a remarkable qualitative record. It was first marketed in Italy in November 2016. Thanks to the agreement with Nagano Prefecture, the worldwide exclusive production and marketing license belongs to VOG, the Consortium of Fruit and Fruit Cooperatives of Südtirol, and VIP, the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Val Venosta.

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Italian kiwi to land in South Korea

Italian kiwi to land in South Korea, Credit: Marco Verch (flickr)
Credit: Marco Verch (flickr,



As of November 21st, Italian kiwi gained access to the lucrative South Korean market, with shipments expected for the 2019/2020 campaign. CSO Italy reports that this result is the fruit of lengthy work culminating in inspections carried out from 4 to 8 November by the South Korean authorities in four orchards and establishments across Italy. These on-site surveys are an annual requirement as part of the agreement between the two countries. 

CSO Italy’s international relations manager, Simona Rubbi, said, “I recommend that all operators always pay the utmost attention when exporting to distant and difficult markets and maintain a great sense of collective responsibility.”

There is also good news from Colombia for Italian kiwi farmers, who can resume shipments to the Latin American country after a hiatus of three years, due to the discovery of harmful organisms.

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Italy’s ‘Plastic Tax’ to be reformed

Italy’s ‘Plastic Tax’ to be reformed, Credit image: Marco Verch, Flickr
Credit image: Marco Verch, Flickr



The impact of Italy’s new Plastic Tax is expected to be less than originally intended as it will not concern compostable materials or those produced with recycled plastic (R-Pet), the use of which is spreading in packaging for fruit and vegetables. Following parliamentary debate, other changes to the tax are also in the pipeline. The new tax was originally set to tax plastics by €1 per kilo; but this is set to be cut to between €0.40 and €0.80 per kilo. The new tax is expected to generate revenues of €1.1 billion in 2020 for the Italian government. As for the impact on the private sector, the Plastic Tax is estimated to cost Coca-Coca Hbc Italia approximately €40 million each year.

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Végé Group expands retail network


The VéGé Group is to open 63 hypermarkets in northern Italy next year, taking its market share to 7% and total number of outlets to 1,250, with 50 shopping centres. Sales in 2018 reached €1.6 billion, up 3% from 2017. 

Founded 60 years ago, VéGé has 32 companies, 3,416 sales points and a turnover of €7.5 billion. The group’s  stated objective is to reach a turnover of €10 billion euros in 2020. Over the last four years, the group has recorded the highest growth performance on the Italian market (Nielsen data for September 2019). The group is the leader in Sicily, Campania and Basilicata, second in Veneto and Sardinia, fifth in Piedmont, and eighth in Lombardy.

Speaking to, Giorgio Santambrogio, CEO of VéGé said, “This is a great day for Italian retail and for our group”. Similar recent expansions are profoundly changing the scenario downstream of the supply chain. This news comes in the wake of the recent Conad-Auchan merger.

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2019 edition of FuturPera in Ferrara 

2019 edition of FuturPera in Ferrara 


The meeting point for Italy’s pear sector, FuturPera, will be held once again in Ferrara in the Emilia-Romagna region. Despite the economic crisis, the municipality of Ferrara has recognised the importance of the event by sponsoring it, in collaboration with private entities like Bper Banca, Generali Italia and VH Italia Assicurazioni. Stefano Calderoni, president of Futurpera, said, “This is a difficult year from an economic point of view and not only for the agricultural sector. The institutions that govern us or are involved in promoting business development are facing a resource crisis, because the transfer of money by from the state to local authorities has decreased over the years or has become more complex.” There is also a strong presence of foreign companies exhibiting their innovative proposals at the fair.


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Aldi, expands Italian network

Aldi’s banana price cut denounced


Aldi Süd is to expand its Italian network with the addition of 80 new stores and a new distribution centre in Landriano, near Pavia, to better serve the north-west of the country. According to reports from Il Sole 24 Ore, the German discounter is mainly targeting metropolitan areas, particularly Milan and its environs. The new stores will open in 2020 and will consist of 600m2 and 800m2 structures. 

In line with its commitment to a zero-kilometre approach, almost 75% of the food assortment at Aldi’s Italian stores will be sourced from Italian suppliers, with more space reserved for local products. Aldi has 66 stores Italy, mainly located in the north of the country. Meanwhile, the retailer has announced that is also planning to open 300 new outlets in Switzerland over the next ten years.