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Sun World Expands Footprint in Egypt and Italy Grants Eight Licenses in Key Markets Targeted for Growth

Sun World Expands Footprint in Egypt and Italy Grants Eight Licenses in Key Markets Targeted for Growth
Press Release

Palm Desert, Calif.Sun World International LLC (Sun World), the global fruit genetics and licensing company, today announced it has granted six additional licenses to Egyptian table grape grower/marketers, bringing the total Egyptian licensees to seven. Two new Italian table grape grower/marketers have also been appointed as part of the company’s strategy to extend its reach in these high-potential gateway markets, bringing the total Italian licensees to ten.

One of the primary motivations for this expansion is to satisfy the growing market demand for newer and improved table grape varieties for the fresh market globally. The expansion also reflects the transition taking place in these regions as public table grape varieties are replaced by superior proprietary varieties, such as those Sun World breeds at their Center for Innovation in California. Having an expanded portfolio of innovative table grape varieties will give the new licensees greater access to domestic and international markets and the opportunity for meaningful new revenue streams.

“We have been eager to announce this group of tremendous new licensees,” said Garth Swinburn, Sun World’s Vice President Licensing. “A hallmark of Sun World’s many years as an international fruit breeder and licensor is the longevity of our relationships with our licensees. We make the decision to grant a license with deliberation and care, so this is an important move for our company.”

The new marketers have been granted rights to distribute fruit from existing and new varieties developed by Sun World, marketed under the company’s powerful brands, such as AUTUMNCRISP®, MIDNIGHT BEAUTY®, SABLE SEEDLESS®, ADORA SEEDLESS®, SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS®, and SOPHIA SEEDLESS®.

Joining Sun World’s existing Egyptian licensed table grape and stone fruit marketer, PICO Modern Agriculture, the company’s newly appointed licensees in Egypt are as follows:

Agrostar for Modern Agriculture has been in business since 1998 and specializes in table grapes. Its 400 hectares of table grapes are marketed by its daughter company Egyptian Fruit Exports, owned & managed by Mokhles Harraz and his family. The company currently grows public table grape varieties and is eager to satisfy its customers’ varietal needs by adding new and innovative table grape varieties from Sun World.

Belco is a family business owned by the El Beltagy family which has been growing table grapes since 1958. The export business was established in 1993 and today it cultivates around 3,000 acres producing and exporting a wide range of crops including table grapes, strawberries, stone fruits, mangoes, raspberries, and various vegetables to the largest retailers in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Daltex, established in the ’60s, is a major exporter of potatoes with 42% market share and also occupies a significant share of the Egyptian citrus market, followed by substantial table grapes exports. “There is nothing more delightful and exciting to us than finally shaking hands and joining such a great family of breeders. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of Sun Worlds global licensing community. This is the start of a new chapter into growing our businesses together to achieve the most optimum fruitful results for both ends,” noted Mohamed Abd El-Fattah, Daltex Marketing Communication spokesman.

El Roda Company for Agricultural Development, established in 1987, was one of the first Egyptian commercial table grape farms to shift its sales focus to the export market in the early ’90s and has since maintained a leading role in the industry managing the largest flame seedless vineyard in the country. El Roda adds noteworthy table grape supply and distribution capacity to key markets such as Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Africa, with the majority of their production being exported to the UK market.

Fayed Horticulture Export Ltd. Co. (FATA), was established in 1995 and joined the Sun World licensing community in 2018 as a stone fruit grower and marketer by its sister company FayedEx, and today the company expands its Sun World portfolio to include table grapes. FayedEx / FATA has received numerous accolades and global accreditations for its operational excellence, premium quality fruit and ethical farming practices.

Magrabi Agriculture SAE (MAFA), is Egypts largest table grape grower and packer, producing over 100,000 tons of fruit yearly and exporting globally to 61 countries. In addition to table grapes, the company also grows and exports citrus, pomegranates, dates, mangos, strawberries, lettuce and capsicum.

Sun World’s existing Italian licensed grape marketers include Giuliano, Di Donna, Orchidea Frutta, Peviani, Salvi Unacoa, and Unifrutti, while Agrintesa and Apofruit Italia are licensed marketers of Sun World’s table grape and stone fruit varieties. Joining this select group of Sun World licensed marketers in Italy are:

AgriMessina is a family-run business and one of the oldest leading growers and exporters of table grapes out of Puglia, Italy. “Having been one of the first Italian licensees for SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®, Agrimessina is extremely delighted to finally become a Sun World licensed marketer. By adding Sun World’s AUTUMNCRISP® branded grapes to our portfolio, we are able to prolong our green grape season and provide flavorful varieties like SABLE SEEDLESS® to our valued customers,” Sales Manager Francesco Messina noted.

Agricoper’s ancient family tradition started in 1938 in Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, where its vineyards have found their ideal habitat, perfectly embodying, through their colors and aromas, the essence of the Mediterranean values. “Our business is constantly growing, thanks to the efforts and knowledge of the Liturri family and their experienced team, that led Agricoper to became one of the biggest Italian growers and exporters of table grapes,” Sales & Marketing Manager Domenico Liturri stated.

“Everything we do, and every aspect of our breeding and genetics program, is done with the success and prosperity of our growers and marketers in mind,” continued Swinburn.  “I’m delighted to welcome these impressive new marketers to the global Sun World Community.”




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Cibus 2021 to restart the Italian food sector in early September

Cibus 2021 to restart the Italian food sector in early September © Cibus

© Cibus


Following responses to two surveys, one among exhibiting companies and the other among Italian and foreign buyers, Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare have set the dates for Cibus 2021: the first week of September, from Tuesday 31 August to Friday 3 September. An evaluation of the vaccination process in Italy and the organisation of air corridors for foreign buyers also contributed to the decision.

It is hoped that the 20th edition of Cibus 2021, the International Food Exhibition, will be the fair to restart the Italian agri-food industry, the first showcase of the year for national food & beverage. The new products that will drive the recovery of domestic consumption and international exports will be exhibited, in all product categories: from cured meats to cheeses, from pasta to tomatoes, from oil to baked goods, from beverages to grocery, from frozen foods to products clubs, and more.

The reopening of Cibus (the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic) coincides with a resumption of agri-food exports: Istat data, processed by Federalimentare, already report a decent performance in 2020 (+0.1 % in the first 10 months of 2020), which should evolve into significant growth in the first half of 2021. A figure that bodes well for a large influx of international buyers, so much so that a record budget has been allocated to favour incoming (travel and permanence of foreign buyers). 

About 3,000 Italian exhibiting companies are expected at Cibus 2021, and all the players in the agri-food chain will be present. The fair will therefore represent an opportunity to analyse the great changes accelerated by the pandemic, both in terms of production and consumption. The conferences will be organised in a single and coherent framework, called “Cibus Forum”, also to underline the continuity with what was elaborated in the last Cibus Forum in September 2020.

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Altroconsumo names best retailers in Italy

Altroconsumo names best retailers in Italy
Photo: Altroconsumo

Italian consumers’ association Altroconsumo has announced its retail awards for 2020/21. Despar was the winner in the supermarket category, while Esselunga was recognised in the hypermarkets & superstores category, and Eurospin was the winner in the discount supermarkets category. In the online retail category, Coop was the winner among the supermarkets, and Esselunga won once again the hypermarket & superstore category.

There was also a section based on customer satisfaction. The awards are based on a survey conducted with around 1,600 customers, with 85% of respondents saying that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the stores where they go shopping, with discount stores and hypermarkets faring slightly better than supermarkets (87% versus 83%). First place overall went to Iper La grande I (96% of customers report being satisfied), ahead of Esselunga (94%), Coop.Fi and Ipercoop (92%) and discounters Eurospin (91%), Aldi (90%), Lidl (87 %) and In’s (87%).


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Jingold kiwifruit turns twenty and dedicate it to lovers

Jingold kiwifruit turns twenty and dedicate it to lovers


10 February 2021 – Founded in 2001 on Valentine’s Day, Italian kiwi gold company has given life to a project that today has over 800 producers worldwide.

“We reach this milestone in a particular season, characterized by restrictions linked to the pandemic and climatic factors that have influenced national production. Nonetheless, we are preparing to end the season in the northern hemisphere with a growth of over 30% compared to the previous year”, commented general manager Alessandro Fornari. “On behalf of all the people who work in our supply chain, I can say that we are proud to be part of this Italian agricultural history, to be able to enhance the work of our producers and help bring their products of excellence to the world.”

Jingold season will close with a global production that will exceed 15 thousand commercialized tons and a cultivated area equal to over 2,000 hectares of yellow and red pulp varieties.

“These are important numbers for a team that is still young but the gaze is always looking forward. The production of the yellow is expected to grow also in the next few years and we are having fun innovating, as demonstrated by investments in new varieties, primarily the Oriental Red red- fleshed kiwi and the development of new cultivation areas to complete the Italian offer.”

The counter-season production of Southern Hemisphere Jingold is also expected to increase in 2021. In addition to the traditional production of Chile origin, will contribute the progressive entry into production of the plants built in Argentina, with an eye in particular to the organic production of Jingold Organic.

The company announced that the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary are postponed to autumn, when it is hoped that the pandemic will be a distant memory, perhaps taking the opportunity of Macfrut which has also been postponed to September. There is a great desire to celebrate with producers and workers.

In the meantime, a new pack that reduces the superfluous packaging will be distribute this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day dedicated to lovers. “We are working to make our products increasingly sustainable, even in packaging. To communicate the values we believe in, without losing its recognisability, this time we have removed the sticker without giving up our brand identity.”

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Macfrut 2021: a truly special edition

Macfrut 2021: a truly special edition © MACFRUT
Luigi Bianchi, Renzo Piraccini (President of Macfrut), Fabiana Fiorini, Stefano Gagliardi


The 37th edition of the International trade fair for the fresh produce industry, to be held from 7 to 9 September at the Rimini Expo Centre, has a new format: an on-site exhibition and digital opportunities. Many focus areas: the Italian Retailer Business Lounge with the Italian large-scale retail trade, the Biosolutions International Event, International Asparagus Days and a B2B Meeting Agenda. Sardinia as the Partner Region. The China Day on 6 September.

Cesena, 5th February 2021 – 2021 is the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables: let’s meet up in Rimini. Macfrut, the International trade fair for the fresh produce industry, will be held again at the Rimini Expo Centre from Tuesday 7 to Thursday 9 September 2021, a special edition with a new format and activities. Fieravicola, the International Poultry Exhibition, will take place on the same days. On Monday 6 September, instead, a major event exclusively dedicated to business with China will take place: The China Day.

It is not just that the date has been shifted (it was previously scheduled for 4-6 May), but it will also be a special edition combining the essential role of a business fair and in-person relationships with the opportunities that the digital world offers to companies seeking to expand their business abroad. The brand new format of this trade fair for sector professionals leverages the know-how of the 37 editions held thus far, with the addition of a groundbreaking online experience, which was successfully introduced with the first edition of Macfrut Digital. Basically, those who will take part in Macfrut 2021 will have not only a stand on site at the trade fair but also a virtual stand on a digital platform (, which will allow them to expand their business opportunities in both directions.

Many Focus Areas

At the same time as the trade part, the Macfrut Special Edition will offer several focus areas on the world of fruit and vegetables. Starting with the Partner Region, Sardinia, located in the heart of the Mediterranean area and renowned for its high-quality agricultural produce such as the spiny artichoke, the Carciofo Spinoso di Sardegna DOP, and its saffron, Zafferano di Sardegna DOP.

A major event, the Biosolutions International Event, will be dedicated to the biostimulant and biocontrol supply chains. This event comprises: an international exhibition dedicated to biostimulant producers, addressed to agricultural entrepreneurs and sector professionals. Alongside the exhibition part, there will be guided visits and an International Congress that will bring together the Mediterranean production chains and the world of biostimulants.

One of the greatest novelties of the 2021 edition will be the Italian Retailer Business Lounge, an exclusive area at the trade fair for the large-scale retail trade and Italian distributors, where targeted meetings with exhibitors will be arranged through a dedicated business matching programme in collaboration with Think Fresh by Agroter.

Another novelty is the fourth edition of the International Asparagus Days which, for the first time, will be held simultaneously with Macfrut. It is a focus session dedicated to the entire asparagus industry with an exhibition area hosting specialist companies and a conference area with the latest technical and commercial updates.

Last but not least, the B2B Meeting Agenda will offer visitors the opportunity to manage their time at the trade fair by planning meetings through the virtual stand, which will be made available to all exhibitors who join the initiative: it will be possible to organise meetings on site, for those who will physically participate in the event, or online for those who will be connecting remotely. Exhibitors can also prepare their own meeting agenda in advance by scheduling appointments with specially selected international buyers.

Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut:

“Once again, Macfrut has pioneered an innovative, future-oriented project. There is a great desire in the industry to meet in person, to enjoy the human contact that we have been longing for such a long time. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that the current situation has completely changed the way we see things. The Macfrut Special Edition, scheduled for 7-9 September, addresses both needs: physical presence and digital opportunities. Last September, we were the first to organise a virtual trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, and we want to be the first to offer an innovative format that combines a physical and digital trade fair in one.”

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Sorma Group launches HyperVision, the new high-tech platform for SormaTech optical sorting machines

Sorma Group launches HyperVision, the new high-tech platform for SormaTech optical sorting machines
Photo: Sorma Group & Fruitecom 

A patented system that selects 15 pieces of fruit per second based on internal and external quality and guarantees elimination of almost all defects, an unprecedented level of achievement on the market

SormaTech, the Sorma Group’s proprietary optical sorting machine designed to sort fruit with extreme precision, now features a further technological advancement: the research and development centre run by the Group’s Spanish subsidiary, Sorma Iberica, has developed the HyperVision platform, a cutting-edge, multi-wavelength lighting solution that offers superior fruit sorting and a high level of efficiency: it can analyse up to 15 pieces of fruit per second, compared to an average of 12 for other solutions on the market.

Thanks to the exclusive SormaTech Hyper-Map system, up to 2160 images are processed for every analysed piece of fruit. The result is a 360-degree view of the surface of the fruit, which makes it possible to detect, classify and counteract the smallest imperfection: “Consumers, when they see that one or more pieces of fruit inside the pack are damaged, may not proceed with the purchase,” explains Daniele Severi, Director of the Technology Division of Sorma Iberica. “These new technologies demonstrate Sorma Group’s commitment to tackling food waste: it’s therefore not just a question of production efficiency, but also of ethics.”

Using SormaTech’s powerful deep learning algorithms and a large number of cameras – 9 for each optical sorter machine line, 3 colour cameras and 6 NIR (an analysis method that exploits the material’s interaction with near-infrared radiation) cameras, featuring digital Ultra-HD technology with superior optics – HyperVision simultaneously analyses every point of the fruit’s skin over the entire bandwidth of visible and invisible light, guaranteeing accurate sorting: “The platform,” continues Severi, “acquires and analyses superimposed hyperspectral images in both the visible region and NIR for each piece of fruit that rotates under the inspection system. This ensures the most accurate selection based on internal and external quality, colour and shape. Thanks to its technology, HyperVision makes it possible to discard fruit with over-ripe areas that cannot be detected by normal vision, enabling fruit and vegetable companies to organise export plans to international markets with full product quality assurance, even after several days’ travel.”

In addition to boasting superior accuracy and speed compared to any other platform previously available on the market, HyperVision is also distinguished by its use of the Linux operating system, which is faster, safer and more virus-proof than other more popular systems. Moreover, it guarantees long-lasting performance and privacy, since it does not collect data.

HyperVision is also easy to use: thanks to the InstanDefect interface, the user can modify and customise the defect detection options for fruit selection by simply moving a cursor.

The new platform is already available on the global market and is receiving great acclaim: “HyperVision is the result of the adoption of the best existing technologies and a continuous dialogue between Sorma and operators”, comments Andrea Mercadini, CEO of the Sorma Group. “Our goal is to develop projects that meet concrete needs, including in the post-collection segment, where we can now offer a unique service. Not surprisingly, HyperVision was a great success right from the start of testing: it represents another step forward in technological innovation and the fight against waste.”

About Sorma Group

Sorma Group was founded in 1973. It is currently the world’s only corporate group able to offer a turnkey solution comprising the entire line of machines required to automatically grade, weigh and pack fruit and vegetable products, together with supply of the technical material for creating all forms of packaging. It offers more than 160 automatic machine models, protected by 60 patents entirely developed by an in-house team of 35 engineers. More than 30 fruit and vegetable products can be graded and presented with the utmost precision and reliability to effectively respond to the increasingly demanding needs of the large-scale distribution. The Group has its own operations centres in Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, the USA and Brazil. Alongside these subsidiaries, there are also 40 specialist distributors operating at the global level.

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Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with a virtual Advent Calendar

Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with a virtual Advent Calendar © Sant’Orsola
© Sant’Orsola


Sant’Orsola celebrates Christmas with recipes for blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and red currant delicacies until Christmas Eve in a virtual Advent Calendar, and there will also be a big surprise for the New Year’s Eve. But not just recipes. On each day of the calendar you will be able to discover useful tips, games, music and sports activities, all in the Christmas theme. To enter the magical Christmas world of the small fruits of Sant’Orsola, just click with the smartphone on the QR code placed on each 125 grams pack and immediately, as if by magic, the Advent Calendar appears, day after day, until Thursday 24th of December, all to be discovered. Every day a click on the dedicated box and a recipe appears, simple and practical, conceived by the chef and designed by the Sant’Orsola food stylist. A click on the second box and games for the youngest appear, and so on, always discovering new surprises. For those who love to decorate the house and the Xmas tree, choose the suitable colours and what is needed for the preparation of the Christmas lunch or the composition of special greeting cards, the Sant’Orsola Advent calendar is full of advice. And there is no shortage of articles in a dedicated blog, while the little ones find games fun and easy. A list of themed music allows a wide freedom of choice, the sounds are caressing and festive. And those who feel weighed down by the delicacies of Advent and Christmas, can burn off superfluous calories by practicing the sports activities recommended in special dedicated tables.

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Aldi to continue expansion in northern Italy in 2021

Aldi ccontinues to expand in Italy © Shutterstock

© Shutterstock


Aldi will continue its expansion in Italy, which has seen an average of three openings per month (mainly in the north), despite the many difficulties caused by the pandemic. The fruit and vegetable department continues to play a central role, as it seeks to keep the supply chain as short as possible by offering a generous selection of about 120 items of fresh fruit and vegetables.

About 80% of the food products sold by Aldi in Italy come from Italian and regional suppliers, promoting strong local links, while respecting sustainability and the seasonal rhythms of fruit and vegetable production. 

Aldi’s corporate responsibility principles are laid out in a multi-year Today for Tomorrow programme, which aims to ensure sustainable development for the environment and for the society of the future. Faced with a growing number of stores, in May, Aldi doubled its logistics capacity to optimise the distribution process and now has two centres, in Oppeano (Verona) and in Landriano (Pavia). In line with the policy of greater energy efficiency, both logistics centres and shops are equipped with LED lighting and solar energy panels and all buildings are EN ISO 50001 certified.

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How will Brexit affect Italy’s fresh produce?

How will Brexit affect Italy’s fresh produce? © Eurofresh Distribution

© Eurofresh Distribution


Italy’s fresh produce sector is following with great interest the negotiations underway to seal a trade deal between the EU and the UK. Last week, an online conference titled “Great Britain outside the European Union: What changes for fruit and vegetable operators from 1 January 2021″, organised by Cso Italy, Fruitimprese and Dcs Tramaco, over 120 people took part.

President of Cso Italy Paolo Bruni said, “In the last five years, exports of fruit and vegetables from Italy to the UK have exceeded 140,000 tons per year, including over 100,000 tons of the most widely produced fruits.”

Marco Salvi, president of Fruitimprese, said, “A radical reform, even if not yet fully defined due to the prolonged negotiations between the parties, which we hope will soon be concluded with a free trade agreement. For Italian fruit and vegetables, the United Kingdom represents the sixth export market in terms of volumes and the fourth in terms of turnover, with a value of over €250 million per year, generated primarily by the export of apples, table grapes and kiwis.”

The transition will involve introducing new customs controls in three stages, with full application from 1 July 2021.

Paolo Triossi, managing director of DCS Tramaco, said: “In January, the new procedures in the fruit and vegetable sector will concern the exchanges of seed and consumption potatoes, while for all the other products there is still a few months available. This is precious time that operators have at their disposal so as not to be caught unprepared. The advice is to have an Eori (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) code, to contact a customs broker and to clarify some points in advance with your local business partner.”

As long as uncertainty persists regarding a trade deal, it will be impossible to establish certain critical measures to take, particularly with regard to logistics and transport.

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Italian fresh produce sector envisages major challenges ahead

Italian fresh produce sector envisages major challenges ahead

At the annual Fruitimprese assembly, which took place on October 22nd in Rome behind closed doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, president, Marco Salvi, stressed the important role played by our operators, working hard since the very beginning of the crisis to guarantee ongoing supplies of fresh products as well as the income of their employees. Salvi also called for more government financial and legal assistance for the sector. Salvi stated that government provisions had not managed to solve the labour crisis in the summer. Instead, operators were required to recruit personnel from other sectors and pay training costs. Many of these workers have subsequently quit their jobs, “leaving employers with the same problem and higher costs.” 

As for the future, plastic packaging is a particular issue,  as a new plastic tax will exceed €1/kg. “We are currently working with the CONAI and the Customs Agency to guarantee rebates to those who export, but we cannot deny that these changes will lead to a radical reorganisation of the packaging sector. The coordination of the actors involved is essential to identify an alternative material and a type of packaging agreed upon on a national and international level, avoiding multiple alternative solutions that would lead to higher costs and uncertainty for consumers.”

As for the implementation of the EU’s sustainability strategy, Salvi called for operators to be “equipped with the crop protection tools essential for a sector subjected to increasing weather instability and invasions of alien species. A striking example of this is the pear brown rot, which is bringing back problems that we thought had been solved 40 years ago.”