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No borders for Mazzoni’s marketing


Interviewed during the last “Fruit Attraction” exhibition in Madrid, Mazzoni’s sales director Sergio Trevisan reminded us of the wide range of products delivered by the group internationally. Mazzoni supplies 30,000 tons of pears, 33,000 tons of apples, 16,000 of kiwi, 15,000 of carrots, and 10,000 of potaoes, clementines and oranges selected from the area most dedicated to this in the South of Italy: Calabria. Special marketing activities are carried out to create interest in specific varieties like “DOP garlic from Voghiera”, a traditional item that confirms the strong relationship between Mazzoni and their origins. The garlic is supplied fresh for use (three heads in nylon 150 gram nets, in a 4.5 kg carton box, 125 grams  in a 5 kg cartonbox,  200 grams in a 5 kg carton box,  250 grams in a 4kg carton box) and for industrial purposes (peeled fresh and frozen cloves of garlic in bags and carton boxes) as well as for HO.RE.CA. (small pacgkaging). Mazzoni is challanging overseas markets like the USA, Canada, Emirates and the Far East with fresh fruit, supported by marketing action targetting the customers and enabling them to taste and appreciate the flavour of flavor fresh Italian fruit and vegetables. Mazzoni  is also a specialist in frozen kiwi and strawberry production, supplying sliced and diced fruit for industrial “patisserie” and yogurt industries, accordingly.
Both the fresh and frozen Mazzoni divisions guarantee a “short chain” production as well as  a qualified selection control system from harvest to delivery of the product.