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Concerns over how to market bumper New Zealand kiwi crop 

Concerns over how to market bumper New Zealand kiwi crop 


As New Zealand’s kiwi harvest gets underway amidst forecasts of a bumper crop, the country’s sector is now concerned about how markets will be found for the fruit given the current trade disruptions caused by the coronavirus. New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. (NZKGI) project there will be 155 million trays of green and golden kiwi this season – up 5.5% on last year’s crop. Zespri estimates it will produce more SunGold than green this season, which will be accompanied by a growing supply of red kiwi. 

Much of the fruit is exported to countries in Asia currently affected by the Coronavirus. In addition to the trade issues, there is currently a seasonal labour shortage (20,000 workers will be needed during the season) and a lack of rain which might still affect the later crops. The first fruit tends to be the gold variety, with the harvest season ending in June. 


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Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

Origine Group records 80% increase in sales of Italian kiwi

“A satisfactory and successful Fruit Logistica”: that is the positive assessment of Alessandro Zampagna, managing director of Origine Group, the consortium of 9 leading Italian and Chilean companies.

“The absence of the Chinese and a few cancellations had no visible influence,” said Zampagna. “There were many visitors and all our meetings were confirmed.” There is growing interest in the activity of Origine Group, which promotes its members’ fruits in overseas markets.

“Despite the smaller Italian kiwi crop, our sales are going very well,” said Zampagna. “From October to the 31 December we shipped 80% more kiwis compared to the previous season, a trend that was confirmed in January. We have shipped more than 1,800 tons of Italian kiwis in the first half of the season, and we hope to go on until the end of March with these numbers.”

Particular success was recorded in the Americas, with Mexico opening to Italian kiwis this year, as well as in the Far East, although the Coronavirus has changed the situation somewhat in these markets.

“The Coronavirus has certainly had a terrible impact on the Chinese market, which is practically stuck, while other Asian markets have seen no negative impacts whatsoever. Fortunately, we have a limited stock in China and the containers afloat can be redirected if necessary. Nonetheless, we hope that it will be not necessary and that the situation in China will soon be back to normal,” said Zampagna.  In the Asian markets, Origine Group continues to market its high-quality brand Sweeki, which is present in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea.



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Positive year expected to New Zealand kiwi

Concerns over how to market bumper New Zealand kiwi crop 

With New Zealand’s kiwi harvest due to start soon, and run from early February to early April, a good crop is expected, according to the NZ Kiwiberry Grower Association. Thanks to favourable growing conditions, a good sized and good quality crop is anticipated. Export volume for this season is estimated at 240,000 kg, similar to the last campaign. The fruit is exported worldwide and enjoys great appreciation on the global stage. The main varieties grown in New Zealand are Tahi, Marju Red and Takaka.

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Zespri reveals bold new brand identity

Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) - © Zespri
5 February 2020


Zespri, the world’s leading marketer of kiwifruit, has unveiled its first new look in its 22-year history, with a refreshed brand providing a strong platform for the company to continue its recent growth.


Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) - © Zespri

Zespri Director Nathan Flowerday with Linda Mills (Chief Market Performance Officer), Dan Mathieson (CEO), Jiunn Shih (Chief Growth Officer) – © Zespri


With operating revenue of $3.14 billion in 2018/19, Zespri continues to make excellent progress towards its goal of reaching $4.5 billion in sales by 2025, driven by the commitment of its 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 offshore growers to produce premium-quality kiwifruit.

Revealed at the world’s leading fresh produce exhibition, Berlin Fruit Logistica, the new brand better reflects the company’s purpose which is to help people, communities and the environment thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.

The refresh includes a new brand vision, a new brand tagline and a new visual identity that captures the burst of flavour consumers get from biting into a Zespri Kiwifruit.

Chief Growth Officer Jiunn Shih says the New Zealand kiwifruit industry has invested significantly in developing the Zespri brand and the refresh was designed to position the company for its next phase of growth.

“We see evidence that consumers today are making more considered purchasing decisions and looking for brands that have a purpose and set of values that they can personally identify with.

“We’re proud of our purpose and our values, including our role as kaitiaki (guardians) for our future generations, and consumers can expect to see that increasingly brought through in our refreshed visual identity.”

Mr. Shih says the refresh had been an extensive process, including looking at how Zespri could better connect emotionally with consumers and build a stronger, more intuitive brand identity.

“We’re confident that our new brand will resonate not only with our loyal fans but pique the interest of new ones, helping differentiate Zespri in the fresh produce market so that we can continue to grow our share of the global fruit bowl.”

Customers and consumers will see a refreshed Zespri logo featuring the use of a green fan, inspired by the vibrant cross-section of a kiwifruit with different shades of green bursts, and a red wordmark reflecting the energy and dynamism of the Zespri brand.

Having worked extensively with some of the world’s leading market research agencies on the development and validation of the new brand direction, Zespri was delighted to see that in testing, the new logo was clearly recognised by regular Zespri users with higher predisposition to choose Zespri.

Mr. Shih says the refreshed brand also recognises the fact that consumers are increasingly health conscious, looking for snacking options that are healthy, tasty and natural. 

“Zespri Kiwifruit are not only among the world’s most nutritious fruits, but they also taste amazing, so consumers can make the better choice of reaching for a snack that is both healthy and delicious.

“And to celebrate the importance of being healthy, we’ve introduced a new tagline, empowering our people to ‘make your healthy irresistible’.”

The new brand will be progressively rolled out across Zespri packaging and collateral and enter markets from May 2020, with Zespri set to make its biggest ever investment in marketing in 2020 to ensure a strong brand impact and reach as many consumers as possible. 

The refresh follows the company’s operating revenue hitting $3 billion for the first time, and its announcement in late 2019 that Zespri is commercialising a new red kiwifruit variety which will play an important role in attracting even more consumers to the kiwifruit category. The company will also host its industry conference – Momentum 2020: Standing Up and Standing Out – next week in New Zealand, which will introduce how Zespri is transforming to a future proof organisation in a fast-changing environment.

“This is a really exciting time for Zespri and our industry on the back of the strong growth we’ve seen and the increasing global demand for nutritious products like our Zespri Kiwifruit.

“We can’t wait to share our new look with growers and consumers, and look forward to helping even more people, communities and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit in the years ahead”, Mr. Shih says.


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Kiwi prices soar in New Zealand

Concerns over how to market bumper New Zealand kiwi crop 

New Zealand’s kiwi fruits rose 32% in price during December 2019 to €4.93/kilo, almost double the price recorded in December 2018 of €2.53/kilo. The quality of the country’s crop this campaign has been very good, albeit with a shorter harvest. The higher prices are partly due to the smaller crop and partly due to the relative absence at this point of Northern Hemisphere fruit.
Price of fresh produce rose 2.1 % overall in December, with the gains partly offset by falls in nectarine (-24%) and lettuce (-18%) prices.

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Kiwi specialist Fruitgrowing Quality joins CVVP 

Disease threatens Italian kiwi


The Company of Protected Plant Varieties A.I.E (CVVP) has a new partner: Fruitgrowing Quality, an entity with extensive experience in cultivation and horticultural techniques, especially in the production and global trade of kiwi. The new member will bring two new varieties of kiwi: red flesh and yellow flesh, to be marketed under the KIBI Gold and Red KIBI brands. Joaquín Rey, marketing and operations manager of the Fruitgrowing Quality SL Group, which holds the license to market these varieties of kiwi in Spain and Portugal, has entrusted their management to CVVP. Fruitgrowing Quality is currently working together with CVVP to create a sales consortium to market KIBI kiwifruit. These new varieties of red and yellow kiwi will be presented at Fruit Attraction, along with the other varieties that the company manages.

CVVP is a non-profit economic interest group, specialised in the integral management of plant varieties. This new addition expands the spectrum of varieties managed by CVVP, demonstrating that its trajectory, which had previously focused on citrus fruits, has also earned it the trust of companies that work with other products.


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Italian kiwi to land in South Korea

Italian kiwi to land in South Korea, Credit: Marco Verch (flickr)
Credit: Marco Verch (flickr,



As of November 21st, Italian kiwi gained access to the lucrative South Korean market, with shipments expected for the 2019/2020 campaign. CSO Italy reports that this result is the fruit of lengthy work culminating in inspections carried out from 4 to 8 November by the South Korean authorities in four orchards and establishments across Italy. These on-site surveys are an annual requirement as part of the agreement between the two countries. 

CSO Italy’s international relations manager, Simona Rubbi, said, “I recommend that all operators always pay the utmost attention when exporting to distant and difficult markets and maintain a great sense of collective responsibility.”

There is also good news from Colombia for Italian kiwi farmers, who can resume shipments to the Latin American country after a hiatus of three years, due to the discovery of harmful organisms.

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Strong returns forecast from Zespri’s record European harvest

Zespri's kiwifruit at Fruit Attraction 2019 (ct. Alexandra Sautois, Eurofresh)


Zespri’s European kiwifruit harvest is again expected to deliver strong returns for growers in Italy and France, along with another great tasting crop for consumers around the world to enjoy.

Sheila McCann-Morrison, Zespri’s Chief International Production Officer, says that with the Northern Hemisphere harvest well underway, Zespri is expecting to harvest around 19 million trays or almost 70 tonnes of kiwifruit from orchards throughout Italy, France and Greece.

“It’s been a tough season for some European growers this year, with a cold wet spring negatively affecting pollination and issues including the presence of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and Moira disease affecting kiwifruit and other local produce.
“However, despite those challenges, this season’s Northern Hemisphere crop is still expected to be around the same as the record set last year. That’s going to mean we can again provide strong returns to the local industry which is something we’re very proud of.
“And more broadly, with this fruit being grown and picked by locals and packed in local post-harvest facilities, we’re continuing to strengthen our relationships with the local industry and make a positive local impact,” Ms McCann-Morrison says.

Zespri’s European growers – around 750 families – play a key role in Zespri’s global supply strategy which supplies premium Zespri Kiwifruit for all 12 months of the year. With growing global demand for premium kiwifruit, the relationships the business has formed over more than 20 years working with European growers are increasingly important.

“It’s a relationship that’s working incredibly well for both Italian growers, post-harvest operators and distributors, as well as for Zespri and the New Zealand industry,” Ms McCann-Morrison says.

“It’s helping deliver greater orchard gate returns, jobs for locals and is also leading to tens of millions of Euros being invested in orchards and post-harvest facilities. It’s also helping foster further collaboration including technical exchange through R&D, grower workshops and nursery visits in New Zealand and other general support – all of which are helping boost production.”

Zespri is involved in a number of trials to help local growers overcome the threats posed by pests and disease.

“Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is having a huge impact on European crops including kiwifruit and so we’re working with locals to address this threat, as well as continuing to invest significantly with our partners on mitigating the impact of the vine-killing disease Psa.
“Our industry knows first-hand the risks associated with biosecurity and the significant costs associated with an incursion – if we can find ways to reduce the impact then the benefits will be immense.”

Ms McCann-Morrison says market access is also a significant focus for Zespri.

“We’re committed to helping create access to new markets for European exporters as we have recently with Mexico so we’re ensuring an even greater number of consumers around the world can access our premium kiwifruit.
“Global supply, or Zespri Kiwifruit grown outside of New Zealand, is currently around 10 percent of all the fruit sold internationally by Zespri, but that will increase significantly along with demand.
“At the moment we have around 3,100 hectares in the ground in Europe and that’s set to grow to around 5,000 hectares over the next five years.”

Ms McCann-Morrison confirmed all non-New Zealand-grown Kiwifruit must meet Zespri’s stringent quality standards, with quality managed through the Zespri System.

“Zespri’s purpose is to help communities around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit.
“European growers are some of the best in the world and it’s great to be sharing our knowledge, systems and varieties with them, and also to be learning in return.”


About Zespri Group Ltd
With global operating revenue of $3.1 billion in 2018/19, Zespri is one of the world’s most successful horticulture marketing companies and the Zespri brand is recognised as the world leader in premium quality kiwifruit. Based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, we are 100 percent owned by current or past kiwifruit growers, and employ over 500 people in New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the Americas. On behalf of our 2,800 growers in New Zealand and 1,500 growers based elsewhere, Zespri manages kiwifruit innovation and supply management, distribution management and marketing of Zespri Green, Zespri SunGold, Zespri Organic, Zespri Gold and Zespri Sweet Green Kiwifruit.

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Kiwi Atlántico to begin harvesting in early November

Kiwi Atlántico to begin harvesting in early November

The brand is committed to the green kiwi and to highlighting the multiple health benefits it brings to consumers with the campaign ‘May everything go well’.

Kiwi Atlántico will start its harvest at the beginning of November. According to José Carlos Vila, managing director of the company, “This campaign will provide a product of excellent quality.”

For the new campaign, which the firm will report at its Fruit Attraction stand (5F01 Hall 5), Kiwi Atlántico has decided to encourage the consumption of the ‘old-fashioned green kiwi’ with a focus on the health of consumers. “Kiwi is one of the most complete fruits on the market. It has very beneficial properties for the health of consumers of any age, so it has always been recommended by nutrition experts,” said Vila. “The green kiwi in particular is the perfect fruit to alleviate intestinal tract problems that may affect older people, children or pregnant women.”

Vila highlights the great qualities of Kiwi Atlántico’s green kiwi. “It has a soft texture and, above all, a special acidity that is combined with a refreshingly sweet taste. It is this acidity that only green pulp kiwi has that improves intestinal transit.”

Kiwi Atlántico, which will present at Fruit Attraction its humorous campaign, ‘May everything go well’, is Spain’s largest kiwi supplier and a European leader.

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Italian kiwi production back to normal

Italian kiwi production back to normal


After a difficult 2017/18 campaign, Italy’s kiwi production for 2018/19 is expected to return to normal levels of around 435,000 tons, according to data published by the Italian Fresh Produce Service Centre (CSO). While green varieties are expected to be up 13% to 373,500 tons, this level is still 16% below the 2014-2017 average due to various health issues that affected the country’s plants, including root asphyxia, Psa bacterial disease, and brown marmorated stink bug. Meanwhile, yellow varieties are expected to rocket 64%, to 61,700 tons, with new orchards starting production, mainly in Lazio and Veneto. Indeed, the production area of yellow varieties has expanded by 40% (2,860 ha), more than offsetting a 2% fall in area of green varieties (22,360 ha). The overall quality for the campaign is reported as good. 

Due to the smaller 2017/18 harvest, Italy’s kiwi exports in the period January-July 2018 were down 15% from the levels of 2017. Shipments to the Italy’s main export markets Germany and Spain were down 13% and Spain 21% respectively. Meanwhile, Italy’s kiwi imports climbed 3% over the same period, with the greatest increases coming from Chile (+5%) and New Zealand (+38%).

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