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Macfrut ‘increasingly international’

The increasingly international Macfrut trade fair attracted major foreign delegations and will now be followed by the new Mac Fruit Attraction event in Egypt in May.

The first edition of the “new phase” of Macfrut, held September 23-25 at the Rimini Expo Centre, ended on a high note.

The trade fair of the Italian fruit and vegetable sector drew 39,000 people – the highest attendance the event, organised by Cesena Fiera, has achieved in 32 years.

In addition to the growing numbers, the change in Macfrut can also be seen in the type of visitors attending. One in five exhibitors was from abroad, illustrating its international appeal, and the overall number of exhibitors and event surface area have also increased.

Cesena Fiera president Renzo Piraccini and Rimini Fiera president Lorenzo Cagnoni expressed their satisfaction with the outcome. “This outstanding result proves what we can achieve if the supply chain works together,” Piraccini said.

“This is the beginning of a new phase that will make Macfrut become a world-leading trade fair. In May 2016, we will be in Cairo together with Fruit Attraction to host the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction,” he said.

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Record figures at 32nd edition of Macfrut

The 32nd edition of Macfrut has officially opened, with exhibitors increasing to 1,000 plus 30 delegations from abroad and 350 buyers attending.

The official inauguration of the 32nd edition of Macfrut, organised by Cesena Fiera and hosted at the Rimini Expo Centre for the first time, has taken place with exhibitors increasing to 1,000 plus 30 delegations from abroad and 350 buyers attending

These numbers were provided by Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera, on Wednesday 23 September, the opening day of the trade fair. “Things are looking good thanks to plenty of positive signs. The preview event of the Macfrut 3.2 edition raised huge interest with 8,000 participants. This year, the number of exhibitors has risen from 800 to more than 1,000, and one out of five is from abroad, representing 30 foreign countries. A total of 350 buyers will be attending the event and the exhibition area has increased from 20,000 square metres of the previous edition to 33,000 square metres at the Rimini Expo Centre. This year, we expect Macfrut to be the greatest so far. And this is thanks to our many partners, above all Unicredit, which agreed to join us, and the administrators who understood the importance and future-oriented approach of this project.” Piraccini then presented some figures regarding the fruit and vegetable sector. “Exports have increased by 10% on last year and, after several years of crisis, household consumption of fruit and vegetables seems to be growing steadily (+3%). With regard to exports, the fruit and vegetable sector ranks in second place, preceded only by the wine industry. I believe that we can work at a global level in this industry to promote Italian products. We need more drive and a pragmatic approach but we are capable of this.”

The ribbon was cut by Andrea Olivero, the Italian Deputy Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, who thanked all the organisers for facing a bold challenge with Macfrut. “A partnership between Cesena and Rimini, showing great courage and far-sightedness,” Deputy Minister Andrea Olivero said, “is certainly the path to take in order to be competitive and keep up with the times. In recent years, important work has also been carried out in the field of innovation, paying attention to quality and promoting consumption. Moreover, the new feature added this year, namely, the organisation of show cooking initiatives featuring renowned chefs, plays a crucial role in showing the world the importance of our Mediterranean diet.”

“In early 2015, things started well for the agricultural sector,” the deputy minister continued, “yet there is a lot more work to be done.” We need to improve some of the phytosanitary barriers, increase the aggregation of production, and focus especially on logistics. High energy costs are heavily affecting some of our businesses. Together with Europe, we need to make all our resources available, so that Italy can play its part in the international market.”

“We always need to think big, never small,” said Paolo De Castro, chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, “and the steps taken by the two trade fairs, Cesena and Rimini, in order to implement this new edition, are actual proof of this.”

Lorenzo Cagnoni, President of Rimini Fiera, pointed out that “Macfrut is the result of a synergic collaboration, a successful example of two areas working together in harmony.” “Unfortunately, in the past,” Cagnoni continued, “Italian trade fairs have sometimes been affected by unfair competition and tensions.” This edition of Macfrut offers an innovative feature, and we hope that it can set an example throughout Italy.”

The two mayors of Cesena and Rimini, Paolo Lucchi and Andrea Gnassi, also took part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and gave a speech. Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini, stressed the fact that, if the Romagna region gets together as a team, we can achieve anything. Yet, in order to do this, we must have the strength to act differently, since only in this way can we become far-sighted. “Instead of concentrating on our own area,” Gnassi said, “Lucchi and I decided to analyse both situations in order to understand what is going on in the world. Our region has never feared internationalisation, therefore we must work together to offer the best features we have.”

Paolo Lucchi, while thanking Domenico Scarpellini, former President of Cesena Fiera, for his contribution to the trade fair and for leaving it in a positive situation, pointed out that the choice of moving the event to Rimini was made together with local companies. “We understood that the fruit and vegetable sector was becoming increasingly ambitious,” Lucchi explained, “so there were two options: either we joined forces to face new challenges or we would risk being held back. Hence, we set aside our own centred interests, as we are also doing in many other sectors (water, health, transport and the Chamber of Commerce) in order to start this collaboration process with Rimini. The Romagna region must become our strength, like a widespread metropolitan city that shows the rest of the world the best we have to offer. Only in this way will we be able to face future challenges.”

Domenico Scarpellini, the former President of Cesena Fiera, Tiberio Rabboni, the former Commissioner for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna region, and the representatives of the Dominican Republic, a guest of honour at Macfrut, also took to the stage: they all received acknowledgement for their deep commitment and work for Macfrut over the years.

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Macfrut 3.2 set for its debut in Cesena, Italy, September 23-25

The extensive programme of events is now ready for the Macfrut exhibition to be held at  the Rimini Expo Centre from 23 to 25 September

It’s just a few weeks before the start of Macfrut , the Italian trade show for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Being held at the Rimini Expo Centre in Cesena from September 23-25, this event boasts new exhibition premises, more companies attending, an international preview focused on the retail sector and the markets, a wide-ranging offer of initiatives dedicated to innovation and internationalisation, and a new promotional venue for businesses.

A preview of the exhibition will take place on September 22 at Cesena Fiera: the Macfrut Forum, a conference entirely dedicated to the retail sector and the markets, which will comprise three sessions including several meetings with opinion leaders and key players in the sector, who will introduce current topics of interest, trends and major challenges faced by the supply chain.

After 23 September, Macfrut will move to Rimini Fiera, at a new exhibition centre with 6 halls and 11 exhibition areas. The new location will facilitate connections thanks to the presence, at the premises, of a station on the Milan to Bari railway line (Trenitalia Frecce trains). It will create new synergies thanks to Flora Trade, the international trade fair dedicated to horticulture, which will be held at the same time. 

The three-day event will bring together major players of the supply chain, offering a comprehensive overview of the international fruit and vegetable market, with a full calendar of events including conferences, workshops and technical seminars to address the key trends of the supply chain.

As part of the event, the Macfrut Innovation Award will also be awarded by a panel of experts to the major technological innovations in terms of environmental and economic sustainability and improvement in product quality, to be presented for the first time at Macfrut 2015. The award ceremony is scheduled for Friday 25 September.

Moreover, this year, there will be many new features. The Fruit & Veg Fantasy Show, to be hosted in the entrance hall, will mark its debut in a trade version. The prestigious Italian magazine Gambero Rosso will be livening up this area, which will feature show cooking focusing on fruit and vegetables, as well as educational activities organised by the “Scuole del Gambero Rosso” to present contents and ideal preparation methods for fruit and vegetables.

On the occasion of Macfrut, in collaboration with the CRPV (Crop Production Research Centre), six professional tours will be organised to local companies in the fruit and vegetable supply chain, especially for specialised operators and buyers from abroad. Visitors will be able to experience four sectors “first-hand” by taking part in the tours scheduled on the days of the Macfrut event: field production, processing warehouses, fruit and vegetable markets and supermarkets.

A special focus on food and wine: during the three-day trade fair, visitors and their hosts will have the chance to book a tour in Cesena and the Romagna area, based on local food, wine and culture.

You can find the complete Macfrut programme with detailed information at

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International operators to be key players at Macfrut

Being held at the Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from the 23-25 of this month, Macfrut has already received confirmation of participation from many international importers, distributors and retailers.

From Italy to Saudi Arabia and from Spain to South Korea, a large number of buyers have already registered for Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, seeking original products and innovative solutions.

Being held at the Rimini Expo Centre (Italy) from the 23-25 of this month, Macfrut has already received confirmation of participation from many international importers, distributors and retailers.

Spain is participating with a delegation representing Kölla Valencia, in pursuit of new opportunities for Iberian products on the Italian market. “We would be glad to have the chance to make contacts with Italian Supermarkets attending the trade fair so we can offer them our products,” says Jenny Porsia, sales manager for Spanish products for Italy.

Saudi Arabia
Operators from Saudi Arabia, such as the importer Francaise Food, attend the event for the key reasons of discovering new products and searching for suppliers. The commercial manager at Al Jazeerah Shopping Center, which, for 2016, expects a considerable increase in sales volumes. “Part of our vision for 2016 is to bring plenty of exciting fresh flavours and new products to our market. We are also in the final stages of negotiation with two other existing supermarket chains to take over their business,” Van Satden explains.

South Korea
Visitors from South Korea will include Jinwom Trading. The manager of the food distribution company, Hwan Kim, explains: “I would like to obtain information on fresh fruits that can be exported to Korea, or could potentially be available for export to Korea, and I hope we can establish new business relationships with the exporters or growers concerned.”

Macfrut 2015 will also feature Colombia, as demonstrated by the participation of Vivasvan. Commercial manager Sandra Bolívar said: “The Macfrut trade fair is one of the leading European events in the fruit and vegetable sector, since a large number of varieties of these products will be showcased for visitors from the EU, and we are sure that it will meet the needs of the participating countries.”

Another important participant will be Coop Italia, which will be attending Macfrut 2015 with its own exhibition space and will host a convention with its suppliers from all over Italy and from other European countries. “We have chosen Macfrut because we are impressed with this relaunch project,” said Claudio Mazzini, head of the fruit and vegetable department.