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Macfrut: 1,000 buyers from five continents


Macfrut 2016, the fruit and vegetable sector’s international exhibition held in Rimini, Italy, from 14 to 16 September, had a clear focus on international trade and innovation. In fact, Cesena Fiera, the exhibition’s organiser, confirmed that 1,000 buyers from Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa participated.

Once again, Macfrut has proven to be a truly unique event in the fruit and vegetable sector, since it is the only one that represents the entire supply chain. Macfrut 2016 closes with a record: over 38,000 visitors and an increase of 30% of foreign visitors, who cements the Italian fair as one of the major international event in the sector.


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Eataly chooses Solarelli

The Apofruit Group's top quality Italian fruit and vegetable brand goes on sale at the Eataly outlet in Munich and seven outlets in Italy itself. A partnership involving other European stores is in the pipeline.

Eataly, the famous chain specialising in top quality Italian produce, has chosen Solarelli to represent fine Italian fruit and vegetables in Italy and Europe-wide.

Solarelli made its European debut at the Eataly outlet in Munich, Germany, in July.

The new partnership reflects Solarelli’s mission of offering a range of fruit and vegetable products of guaranteed quality and from the best Italian growing regions. The brand belongs to the Apofruit Group, which itself is dedicated to supplying outstanding produce.

Eataly’s top fresh fruit and vegetable buyer Sergio Fessia said Solarelli’s fruit and vegetables are the perfect match for its European project, which aims to promote the best products from the Italian regions on a seasonal basis.

“It’s worth remembering that we market a geographical area, not just its products. And the assortment offered by the Solarelli brand assures us continuity of range, of the very highest quality, all year round. The Solarelli brand is already known on the markets with a good consumer approval rating, and we have seen for ourselves that its guaranteed quality level is constantly high,” he said.

Eataly plans new outlets in Copenhagen, Paris, London and Moscow and Solarelli is an ideal partner for assuring the excellent quality its aims to offer its consumers, Fessia said.

Apofruit sales manager Mirco Zanelli said Eataly is “great to work with.”

“For our brand, being selected by a top Italian firm, an ambassador for Italian produce worldwide, is a wonderful return on all the investments and hard work we have put into the promotion of our brand so far. We hope that this partnership will prove to be a lasting one,” he said.

Solarelli’s ample range incorporates the best Italian produce from the various regions throughout the year.

“We are currently supplying the Eataly outlets with plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, melons, water-melons, grapes and pears,” Zanelli said.

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Peru, Partner Country of Macfrut 2016

Being held September 14-16 in the Rimini Fiera, Macfrut will feature a focus on Peru, with show cooking and events to promote Peruvian fresh produce and its major fruit and vegetable producers, all organised in collaboration with Promperù.

Peru has been chosen as the partner country of the 2016 edition of Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Being held September 14-16 in the pavilions of Rimini Fiera, Macfrut will thus feature a focus on this South American market, with show cooking and events to promote fresh produce from Peru and its major fruit and vegetable producers, all organised in collaboration with Promperú.

In a press release, Macfruit organisers Cesena Fiera said that with a GDP growth rate of 6.1% over the last decade and 5.5% forecast for 2016-17, Peru is one of South America’s most dynamic countries.

Last year, Peru’s fruit and vegetable production exceeded 8 million tons. As well as a leading producer and exporter of artichokes and asparagus, it is one of the world’s top exporters of table grapes, organic bananas, avocados, small fruits, citrus fruit and mango.

Peru exports mainly to the US, Asia and Europe, in particular to the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.

“There is also a growing interest in the Italian market, in fact, over the last five years there has been an increase in trade by about 15% per year,” the release said.

Macfrut president Renzo Piraccini said Peru is one of the most interesting countries in the international fruit and vegetable industry.

“In the last few years, thanks to extremely favourable pedoclimatic conditions and substantial foreign investments, its production has grown considerably.

“We are therefore honoured that Peru, which last year was able to experience the relaunch of Macfrut, has accepted, this year, our invitation to be the trade fair’s partner country.

“Leading associations and major fruit and vegetable producers from Peru will be attending the event. This proves that there is a growing interest in the exhibition and Italy as a target market for Peru’s produce but also in importing packaging and innovative technologies, a field in which we are world leaders,” Piraccini said.

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Mac Fruit Attraction to spread its span to South America, Asia

Mac Fruit Attraction organisers have decided to relaunch Mac Fruit Attraction, expanding the project to another two strategic areas for the sector: South America and Asia.

From the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction – held in Cairo May 4-7 –  sprang new ideas to further internationalise Macfrut.

In a press release, the Mac Fruit Attraction organisers said firstly, it was decided to relaunch Mac Fruit Attraction, expanding the project to another two strategic areas for the sector: South America and Asia.

Secondly, there was a commitment for the event to confirm itself as a driving force for developing the entire supply chain as part of the internationalisation process.

And thirdly, to send a message to European and international institutions that the fruit and vegetable sector can significantly contribute to the development of African countries and of the Middle East.

Specifically, it can improve the living conditions of its inhabitants, thus reducing migration flows to Europe. If Italian companies in the supply chain cooperate, they can play a key role in this process. Many countries in this area have now become important markets for European and Italian fruit and vegetable produce, the release said.

“This is all supported by data,” said Cesena Fiera president Renzo Piraccini. “The improvements made in the cultivation, storage and processing techniques of agricultural products, especially fruit and vegetables, are the quickest and perhaps safest way of developing the economy of African countries, creating new jobs and improving the living conditions of its inhabitants and, as a result, reducing migration flows to Europe.”

“The Mac Fruit Attraction project, with Feria de Madrid, focuses on three development areas,” Piraccini said, “namely, North Africa, South America and Asia. After this first edition, the attention will likely turn to the other two areas of the world, always in collaboration with a partner linked to the local area in order to promote and organise the event, as in this case with IFP.”

“In view of our participation in other international events, we want to become a means for coordinating our presence along with that of other companies in this sector,” he said.

Feria de Madrid president Raul Calleja said consideration had long been given to implementing the international platform for the fruit and vegetable sector, something achieved with Macfrut. “Today, we need to have a global view of the industry, and Mac Fruit Attraction is heading in this direction.”

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Macfrut 3.2 set for its debut in Cesena, Italy, September 23-25

The extensive programme of events is now ready for the Macfrut exhibition to be held at  the Rimini Expo Centre from 23 to 25 September

It’s just a few weeks before the start of Macfrut , the Italian trade show for the fruit and vegetable sector.

Being held at the Rimini Expo Centre in Cesena from September 23-25, this event boasts new exhibition premises, more companies attending, an international preview focused on the retail sector and the markets, a wide-ranging offer of initiatives dedicated to innovation and internationalisation, and a new promotional venue for businesses.

A preview of the exhibition will take place on September 22 at Cesena Fiera: the Macfrut Forum, a conference entirely dedicated to the retail sector and the markets, which will comprise three sessions including several meetings with opinion leaders and key players in the sector, who will introduce current topics of interest, trends and major challenges faced by the supply chain.

After 23 September, Macfrut will move to Rimini Fiera, at a new exhibition centre with 6 halls and 11 exhibition areas. The new location will facilitate connections thanks to the presence, at the premises, of a station on the Milan to Bari railway line (Trenitalia Frecce trains). It will create new synergies thanks to Flora Trade, the international trade fair dedicated to horticulture, which will be held at the same time. 

The three-day event will bring together major players of the supply chain, offering a comprehensive overview of the international fruit and vegetable market, with a full calendar of events including conferences, workshops and technical seminars to address the key trends of the supply chain.

As part of the event, the Macfrut Innovation Award will also be awarded by a panel of experts to the major technological innovations in terms of environmental and economic sustainability and improvement in product quality, to be presented for the first time at Macfrut 2015. The award ceremony is scheduled for Friday 25 September.

Moreover, this year, there will be many new features. The Fruit & Veg Fantasy Show, to be hosted in the entrance hall, will mark its debut in a trade version. The prestigious Italian magazine Gambero Rosso will be livening up this area, which will feature show cooking focusing on fruit and vegetables, as well as educational activities organised by the “Scuole del Gambero Rosso” to present contents and ideal preparation methods for fruit and vegetables.

On the occasion of Macfrut, in collaboration with the CRPV (Crop Production Research Centre), six professional tours will be organised to local companies in the fruit and vegetable supply chain, especially for specialised operators and buyers from abroad. Visitors will be able to experience four sectors “first-hand” by taking part in the tours scheduled on the days of the Macfrut event: field production, processing warehouses, fruit and vegetable markets and supermarkets.

A special focus on food and wine: during the three-day trade fair, visitors and their hosts will have the chance to book a tour in Cesena and the Romagna area, based on local food, wine and culture.

You can find the complete Macfrut programme with detailed information at