Tomeco starts supply of cucumbers, melons this summer

<strong>Tomeco </strong>starts supply of cucumbers, melons this summer
Founded by a group of Hoogstraten’s tomato growers, the Tomeco pack-house was created to customise the offering of tomato varieties and services for the retail sector in Belgium and abroad. “It is important […]
Mon 17/10/2022 by Pierre Escodo

Hoogstraten, closer to consumers through berries

<strong>Hoogstraten, </strong>closer to consumers through berries
The major European berry organisation reported a record turnover of €302 million in 2021, of which 44% derived from sales of strawberries (32,000 tons), which were followed by tomatoes (nearly 100,000 tons) and peppers (25,000 tons), with the remaining 5% relating to other berries. However, unlike last year, this season has been disrupted […]
Sun 16/10/2022 by Pierre Escodo

Europeans still not eating healthily

Europeans still <strong>not eating healthily</strong>
A raft of initiatives are currently underway aimed at selling the delights of fruits and vegetables to Europeans.
Tue 13/09/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Groen Agro Control online monitoring tools

<strong>Groen Agro Control</strong> online monitoring tools
Groen Agro Control is an official European laboratory certified by the Belgian authority (FAVV) to perform analyses as part of official import controls. The laboratory specialises in both chemical and microbiological analyses […]
Thu 01/09/2022 by Amanda Cardinal

Agrotopia shapes future of urban greenhouse systems

<strong>Agrotopia </strong>shapes future of urban greenhouse systems
Agrotopia’s new regional research centre, Inagro, opened in September 2021, features a 9,000m2 advanced roof-top greenhouse system for hydroponic cultivation. The facility was built on top of the Reo Veiling warehouses […]
Tue 23/08/2022 by Pierre Escodo

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