Groen Agro Control online monitoring tools

Thu 01/09/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Michel Witmer (right), Groen Agro Control’s product manager

Groen Agro Control is an official European laboratory certified by the Belgian authority (FAVV) to perform analyses as part of official import controls. The laboratory specialises in both chemical and microbiological analyses for fresh produce, while also performing analysis of plant protection products and tests to meet other specifications. The firm has recently developed Residuweb, a system for accessing a personal database to manage analysis results. In the future, Groen Agro Control plans to launch services such as microbiological analysis­­ (to determine shelf life and identify contaminants like heavy metals), as well as various forms of nutritional value analysis. The lab has also designed the FertiWeb tool which provides an online overview of analysis results, and the Netfeed tool for designing optimal fertilisation schedules.

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