Nicolaï Fruit continues internal and external improvement work

The family company has increased its product portfolio and improved services to tackle today’s challenges regarding surging costs.
Sun 25/09/2022 by Pierre Escodo
Nicolaï Fruit only works with fruit and vegetables from GLOBALG.A.P. approved growers.
Nicolaï Fruit has been trading in fresh fruit and vegetables for more than twenty years.

With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the company has been conducting an intense programme of visits to suppliers in order to improve all critical points, from product taste and shelf-life to supply-chain costs.

“Our close cooperation with growers helps us to ensure the supply of selected tasty varieties throughout the entire season,” said CEO Johan De Gendt.

Sweeter and tastier varieties of blackberry, raspberry and tomato are also being offered this season with great success. 

“Our test projects were extremely successful for every category, such as sweeter blackberries and tomatoes with high brix levels,” said De Gendt.

Diversifying customers

Nicolaï Fruit remains active in the domestic Belgium market, supplying retail chains as well as e-commerce and ‘instant’ home delivery platforms. Despite Brexit, the company is still operating in the UK, as well as in the Nordic countries, where sales keep growing. Overseas markets are also being retaken, as air-freight costs drop once again to acceptable levels, thanks to increased freight capacity. 

More sustainable supplies

In terms of waste management, the firm is adopting more sustainable packaging options in combination with re-usable crates instead of cardboard. Energy management has also been optimised thanks to the installation of solar panels, which have allowed the company to meet over 80% of its own energy needs independently.

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