Kanzi sold in 14 European markets

Wed 09/11/2022 by Pierre Escodo
The Kanzi apple is a cross between Gala and Braebum.

This season’s Kanzi crop is looking great so far, with the season set to kick off in early October with optimum volumes and quality levels. The outlook is also positive for the growing organic production of Kanzi. In October, the 2022/23 Kanzi consumer campaign will commence in 14 European countries, such as Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy and Spain. Tastings at points of sale remain a highly effective way to demonstrate Kanzi’s great taste, crunchiness and juiciness, which are the main drivers of consumption. This season’s Kanzi campaign will be centred around the online ‘Yes You Kanzi’ platform, which will offer an inspiring collection of “power hacks” to help consumers meet their daily energy needs. The platform will feature a competition for consumers supported across a diverse range of media.

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