Campaign in Quebec promotes loving 5-10 daily servings

Tue 03/05/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
The Quebec Produce Marketing Association’s “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign reminds people about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle, and about the variety of ways in which their benefits can be enjoyed.

“I love 5 to 10 servings a day” is the tagline for a campaign now running province-wide in Quebec, Canada, to remind consumers about the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables.

First launched in 2004 by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA), the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign has been given a fresh look and will run from May 2 through June 5.

The campaign features four new visuals that include the well-known heart figures, plus a new slogan: “Mettez-y du coeur!” (Put your heart into it!).

The aim remains simple and straightforward: to remind consumers how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables, and also how easy it is to make them part of daily life in all sorts of ways, including recipes, smoothies, snacks, and preserves, the QPMA said.

“Besides being tasty and good for our health, fruits and vegetables have the advantage of being extremely versatile. You can snack on them any time of day, in almost any form you like. As I’ve often said before, fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, in soups or salads, practically any way is the right way to eat 5 to 10 servings a day,” said nutritionist Julie DesGroseilliers, the campaign’s official spokesperson.

The new campaign will appear on numerous billboards in Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, and Sherbrooke, and on many websites as well, including,,, Its social media visibility will also be supported with Facebook ads.


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