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CRISP, JUICY, READY FOR THE MOVIES: Kanzi apples are the secret stars on the red carpet

CRISP, JUICY, READY FOR THE MOVIES: Kanzi apples are the secret stars on the red carpet
Borgloon/Berlin, 23rd of February 2020



The Berlinale opened noticeably subdued on Friday in the shadow of the Hanau attacks. After a moving speech by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, followed by a minute of silence, new Berlinale directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian insisted in their greeting that: “The Berlinale and Berlin are inseparable, because a dynamic city is the perfect platform for an international film festival. And as such this year we are bringing together again enthusiastic Berliners and guests from all over the world, in order to reflect on artistic and political issues.”

In competition this year at the Berlinale for the Golden and Silver Bears, 18 movies, including two German productions: the adaption of Alfred Döblin’s novel “Berlin Alexanderplatz“ directed by Afghan-German director Burhan Qurbani and “Undine”, the latest movie by resident Berlinale director Christian Petzold.

A special highlight will include an homage to Helen Mirren and presentation of an Honorary Golden Bear for her lifework. It will be awarded to one of the best known and most versatile actresses in British and international cinema.

Hollywood greats such as Sigourney Weaver, Cate Blanchett, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp and Willem Dafoe have already been at the Berlinale and will be there again this year.

Between 21 and 23 February, among the famous celebrities like Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchett, one can also meet smart young men dressed in red in front of various film locations of the Berlinale.

Eve may have tempted Adam with the apple in the Garden of Eden but the Kanzi® Men make it all rather charming at the Berlinale. At the Berlinale, the delicious Kanzi® apples are present at the Berlinale VIP Club, press centre as well as in hotels and other distribution spots.

The juicy and healthy snack fits the international audience perfectly. Kanzi® is a global apple brand with a strong local presence. The apples are grown in 13 countries and six continents. In Europe, Kanzi® are grown in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Tyrol, Great-Britain, Austria and Switzerland. There are also cultivation areas in the USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina.

“Thanks to this worldwide distribution and simultaneous presence in the key apple consumption regions, Kanzi® apples of outstanding quality are available all year round and yet 90 percent of all Kanzi® apples are bought and consumed in their respective home markets,” points CEO Dietmar Bahler out. This makes Kanzi® a suitable supplier for the international film festival, whose organisers emphasise: “Sustainability is perhaps the most pressing issue of our time and has been for years a main concern for the Berlinale.”

Berlinale Director, Mariette Rissenbeek, stresses that: “It is our great pleasure to welcome Kanzi® as a new partner of the Berlinale and to be able to offer a healthy snack to our festival guests. Thanks to the apples, our audience makes it through the festival full of vitamins.”

The Berlinale guests see it that way as well: Stefanie Fischer from Friedrichshain insists on biting into the red fruit: “Giving apples to visitors is a great idea and a delicious alternative to popcorn and other things you usually eat at the movie theatre.”

“The power of great taste” is not only a marketing slogan, it also describes Kanzi® very accurately. It certainly fits the diverse selection of the approximately 340 movies that are shown at the Berlinale.

The whole Kanzi® team is proud to be a tasty part of these events.

The slogan for the apple “The power of great taste” was showcased at the Berlinale 2020 on big screens on the red carpet at the Potsdamer Platz. The Kanzi® men distributed the delicious apples as healthy snacks in many venues at the Berlinale such as in cinemas, hotels, lounges and press centre.


More info:

Kanzi® apples were available for guests until the end of the Berlinale on 1 March in the press lounge as well as in many hotels around the Potsdamer Platz (Marriott, Scandic Berlin and The Mandala)

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The European Packaging Forum: Congress & Get-together on May 14, 2020

The European Packaging Forum: Congress & Get-together on May 14, 2020

The European Packaging Forum is a precisely tailored congress event for the fruit and vegetable industry, focusing on marketing, sustainability, traceability, consumer and trade acceptance, innovative solutions, logistics, protection and functionality, hygiene and law. These are the topics that the experts from all stages of the value chain will be discussing on 14 May 2020 in Düsseldorf at Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf. This will be followed by the DFHV Annual Conference on 15 May 2020. 

The organisers – Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft (AMI) and Fruchthandel Magazin – will be addressing a central topic in the sector, which is not only being strongly discussed in the entire value chain, but also in society. A press release stated: “Since the recent pictures of dead whales and polluted seas make this topic difficult to be ignored. We want to tackle the challenges and take a close look at them in order to discuss and sketch out alternatives and solutions with the competent experts in the end and thus give the industry new impetus. We want to bring together the most important market partners in the European sector in order to objectify the discussion and jointly develop new ideas and strategies for contemporary solutions and offers for the entire value chain.”

Simultaneous translation is provided of the plenary sessions in German and English.

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Campaign in Quebec promotes loving 5-10 daily servings

The Quebec Produce Marketing Association’s “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign reminds people about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle, and about the variety of ways in which their benefits can be enjoyed.

“I love 5 to 10 servings a day” is the tagline for a campaign now running province-wide in Quebec, Canada, to remind consumers about the importance of eating more fruit and vegetables.

First launched in 2004 by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA), the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign has been given a fresh look and will run from May 2 through June 5.

The campaign features four new visuals that include the well-known heart figures, plus a new slogan: “Mettez-y du coeur!” (Put your heart into it!).

The aim remains simple and straightforward: to remind consumers how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables, and also how easy it is to make them part of daily life in all sorts of ways, including recipes, smoothies, snacks, and preserves, the QPMA said.

“Besides being tasty and good for our health, fruits and vegetables have the advantage of being extremely versatile. You can snack on them any time of day, in almost any form you like. As I’ve often said before, fresh or frozen, raw or cooked, in soups or salads, practically any way is the right way to eat 5 to 10 servings a day,” said nutritionist Julie DesGroseilliers, the campaign’s official spokesperson.

The new campaign will appear on numerous billboards in Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, and Sherbrooke, and on many websites as well, including,,, Its social media visibility will also be supported with Facebook ads.

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Fresh produce delivers over a third of Lidl’s turnover

This month Lidl started a new marketing campaign centred on the slogan "If it's fresh, it's from Lidl" and focused on its assortments of meat, fruit, vegetables and ready-to-eat salad packs.

Fresh produce accounted for 35% of sales of its sales last year, says discount retailer Lidl.

That’s up five percentage points on the previous year and reflects the fact it puts freshness at the heart of its product strategy, the German global supermarket chain said in a press release.

Fresh produce section in a Lidl store

Lidl said it is also continuing to carry out major projects designed to strengthen its fresh produce assortment. It said in fresh fruit and vegetables it now has an offering of 110 references, 10% more than in 2015.

Head of purchasing for Lidl Spain Miguel Paradela said Lidl maintains its strong focus on fresh produce “because we are aware of how crucial it is when it comes to winning customer loyalty and making sales.” The retailer wants not only to offer a wide range of fresh produce, but at the cheapest price on the market, he said.

Lidl said it also remains the biggest buyer of Spain’s horticultural produce, last year buying 1.2 million tons of fruit and vegetables – up 11.6% on 2014 – and the equivalent of 6% of Spanish agricultural production. About 80% of this produce goes abroad to stock the 10,000 stores Lidl has across the 26 European countries in which it operates.

This month Lidl started a new marketing campaign centred on the slogan “If it’s fresh, it’s from Lidl” and focused on its assortments of meat, fruit, vegetables and ready-to-eat salad packs.

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Fashion watermelon intensifies final consumer campaign

Backed by a production noted for high quality standards, Fashion watermelon has been present this season in all Spanish households, thanks to a widespread dissemination and advertising campaign.

Backed by a production noted for high quality standards, Fashion watermelon has been present this season in all Spanish households, thanks to a widespread dissemination and advertising campaign including the country’s main audio-visual communication groups. To this end, Europe’s ‘seedless’ frontrunner has sponsored TV entertainment shows such as ‘El Hormiguero’, ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Espejo Público’ as well as cookery programmes like ‘Al Punto’, and series such as ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’ and ‘Amar es para siempre’, among others. Two actions were staged at the Atocha (Madrid) and Sants (Barcelona) railway stations as part of the spectacular marketing campaign, with eye-catching advertising posters beguiling thousands of travellers over several weeks. “Once again this year, our customers have been enjoying the uniform sweetness and crisp, refreshing texture of our watermelons. An effort which has undoubtedly been worthwhile,” adds the Fashion watermelon CEO.

Image: courtesy of

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International Sweet Potato Week 2016 kicks off next Monday

Last year, imports of American Sweet Potatoes into Europe rose 35% on 2014, and with their increasing popularity In Europe, as in the US, are expected to increase further this year.

International Sweet Potato Week – taking place March 14 to 24 – will put the spotlight on the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.

An initiative of the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission and the American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute, the week is designed to convince more consumers, chefs and culinary journalist to cook with sweet potatoes.

During the week, a wide range of information, including recipes, cooking methods and facts about sweet potatoes, will be shared via social media.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the week will kick off with the attendance of the Agricultural Attache of the US Embassy in the Netherlands, Susan Philips.

Over the course of the week, importers, supermarkets, greengrocers and restaurants will give the sweet potato some extra attention in their displays and offer special prices for sweet potatoes as an added incentive for consumers to try them.

Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre, vitamins and beta-carotene, and are a diverse vegetable suited to consumption in different ways throughout the day, “from breakfast till dessert,” the weeks’ organisers say.

Last year, imports of American Sweet Potatoes into Europe rose 35% on 2014, and with their increasing popularity In Europe, as in the US, are expected to increase further this year. Thankfully, the storms which raged over the US did not cause as much damage as supply of this product is actually set to increase. According to recent figures from the USDA, the 2015/2016 sweet potato planted area is up 14%, and the harvest will be 5% above that of the previous season.

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Apple cosies used to promote Pink Lady at Asda

Screenshot 2016-03-02 at 2

A free apple cosy will be offered with every purchase of a 1kg bag of Pink Lady apples as part of a promotion campaign in outlets of the UK retailer Asda.

Assistant marketing manager for Pink Lady, Maxime Delacour, said the cosy is intended to help customers protect their apple wherever they go, “meaning their snack is always in perfect condition.”

The offer, which began on February 29, will run in 340 stores nationwide with a flash label on the front of each pack highlighting the free cosy. The deal will run for about three weeks (while stocks last).

In a press release, fresh produce brand marketing specialist Coregeo Ltd said Asda hopes the promotion – which it said is the first of its kind for Pink Lady in the UK – will bring more customers to the fruit and veg area.

Coregeo is the UK’s master licensor for both the Pink Lady and Tenderstem brands.

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Citrus District of Sicily – a network of quality producers

The Citrus District of Sicily is the first ground-breaking consortium formed in the region to create synergy between private marketing and processing companies, along with local authorities and the farming world.

An increasing number of wholesalers and operators in the fruit and vegetable markets are seeking out Italian fruit, due to the sentiment and identity bound up with certainty about its geographical origin, guaranteed by its PDO and PGI certificates and its quality, and also because they realise that Italian consumers are willing to buy citrus fruit when they know it comes from Sicily.

Synergies are needed to promote the excellent quality of Sicilian agri-food products at every level, as this is probably the only way to make more space for the firms in this value chain and improve their returns. Founded in 2011, the Citrus District of Sicily is the first ground-breaking consortium formed in the region to create synergy between private marketing and processing companies, along with local authorities and the farming world. The district, chaired since its foundation by agronomist Federica Argentati, represents over 2,000 sector members and over 21,000 ha of orchards and has an annual turnover of over €400 million.

Discussing upcoming strategies, Argentati believes it is necessary for the district to also become a monitoring authority for citrus production in Sicily, since it is currently almost impossible to gain clear knowledge of the volumes produced, as the information sent is often incomplete or confused, with reports often even contradicting each other. “To be more competitive, we need to know about the production volumes in real-time, as well as the quality of our products,” Argentati said.

Image source: ‘Sicilian citrus fruits. A day in the island of the sun.’ video

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New EU promotion policy for farm products starts today


“Enjoy, it’s from Europe”: the new European Commission promotion policy that applies as of today will help the sector’s professionals break into or consolidate international markets and make European consumers more aware of the efforts made by European farmers, according to the commission.

It has promised to make more resources available, to increase the co-financing rate and to cut the red tape for the approval of projects. “This is part of an effort to increase progressively the available EU budget for promotion, from €61 million in 2013 (when the new rules were proposed) to €200 million in 2019,” the commission said in a press release.

The 2016 programme targets a selected list of non-EU countries where there is the highest potential for growth in particular to the sectors experiencing a particularly difficult market situation, like dairy and pig meat. Of the total amount, €30 million were specifically earmarked in the support package unveiled by Commissioner Hogan early September to support promotion measures in these two sectors. 

Money for promotional programmes

The British Leafy Salads Association (BLSA) is one of two UK organisations among 33 beneficiaries of new EU funding for initiatives aimed at promoting agricultural products, reports Croner-i.

The BLSA will receive €142,480 from the Commission to promote fresh fruit and vegetables. It was funded as part of the last tranche of promotional programmes to be approved under the system established by EU Regulation 3/2008. From today (December 1, 2015) the new rules introduced by Regulation 1144/2014 will see a wider range of products and organisations eligible for funding.

For more information on “Enjoy, it’s from Europe“:

Image: By Amio Cajander [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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Freshfel calls for fresh ideas to boost consumption

Freshfel Europe stimulates sector to re-think consumption of fruit and vegetables

‘Think outside the box’ and seek creative ways to stimulate consumers to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables – that’s one of the messages from Freshfel Europe’s annual policy event held yesterday in Brussels.

The call comes amid figures from the association which show some consumption of some types of fresh fruit and vegetables has slid considerably.

In a press release, Freshfel said the fresh produce sector should continue to move ahead to stimulate consumption and enhance the positive image of fresh produce, two things that are among its priorities for the year ahead.

Freshfel said that at its annual policy event, several speakers presented creative ways to promote fresh produce. Samuel Levie, from Food Cabinet in the Netherlands, started the day with a presentation on a successful low-budget campaign called ‘Big Bang Broccoli’ as well as a campaign called ‘Power to the Pieper’ to promote the humble potato as a contemporary superfood.

Images from Power to the Pieper video

Daniel Fritz, a social media expert working among others for the European Commission, raised awareness about how the fresh produce sector can profit more by using social media to spread positive messages on its produce. He showed some surprising keywords and recommendations the fresh produce sector can use.

“Consumers are aware of the healthy aspects of fruit and vegetables, but more can be done to promote the fun and positive effects of fruit and vegetables,” said Freshfel Europe president Luc Clerx. In the foreword to the association’s 2015 activity report,

Luc Clerx President of Freshfel Europe

Clerx had strong words for the European Commission, which he said was now “eager to remove the successful school fruit and vegetables scheme.”  He defended the scheme as an essential tool for changing the diet of European consumers in the long run.

Other priorities for Freshfel in the coming year are to encourage the competitiveness of European fruit and vegetables production, to move ahead on food and plant safety and research and innovation, and to enhance trade while also securing efficient health and nutrition policies.

Freshfel Europe is the European Fresh Produce Association and represents the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond.