Italian retail seeking a new fruit and vegetable sector

<strong>Italian retail seeking </strong>a new fruit and vegetable sector
What is the outlook for the fruit and vegetable segments of Italian retail? The answer can be provided in three terms: customer satisfaction, quality and differentiation. At the conference “Supporting the fruit and vegetable department, the commitment of grocery retail and production”, which opened the 2022 edition of Marca Fresh in Bologna, it was shown how the lockdowns and international and economic crises are leading to rapid changes.
Sun 11/09/2022 by Gabriele Orsi

Explum, committed to sustainability environment

<strong>Explum,</strong> committed to sustainability environment
Located in the town of Valdelacalazada (Extremadura), the cooperative produces about 10,000 tons of stone fruit from June to October. While its main product is the plum, the firm also produces nectarines, peaches and […]
Sat 27/08/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

Patatas Meléndez introduces biocompostable packaging

<strong>Patatas Meléndez</strong> introduces biocompostable packaging
Valladolid-based Patatas Meléndez has underlined its firm commitment to sustainability by working to reduce its use of plastics. “We now have a biocompostable bag that is unique in this sector,” said […]
Tue 23/08/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

Green Organics works exclusively with organic vegetables

Green Organics <em>works exclusively with organic vegetables</em>
The organic fruit and vegetable brand supplies wholesalers and supermarkets, as well as the manufacturing industry. Green Organics connects and organises so that the food its farmers grow has already been […]
Wed 27/07/2022 by Amanda Cardinal

Cuna de Platero optimises water resources

<strong>Cuna de Platero</strong> optimises water resources
Cuna de Platero’s strawberry campaign is progressing well, with good quality levels, while the firm’s Cupla variety of blueberries is already available. Cupla is an early variety with good post-harvest life. […]
Mon 27/06/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla

Cardboard remains the most sustainable packaging choice

Cardboard remains the most sustainable packaging choice
Cardboard is an unbeatable packaging material in terms of sustainability, capable of leading a new model based on the circular bioeconomy and decarbonisation. This is the view of Joaquín Fernández, […]
Wed 08/06/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

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