Cardboard remains the most sustainable packaging choice

Wed 08/06/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Cardboard is an unbeatable packaging material in terms of sustainability, capable of leading a new model based on the circular bioeconomy and decarbonisation. This is the view of Joaquín Fernández, director of strategic development at Spanish packaging expert Uniq, who added that paper and cardboard together are the most recycled packaging materials in Europe (84.2%, according to Eurostat, 2018).

Cardboard is renewable, biodegradable, compostable, 100% recyclable and recycled. In fact, its vegetable fibre is reused more than 25 times without losing quality, making the most of natural resources. For this reason, recycled cardboard is also reused in all its essence, since the containers and packaging are made with 89% recycled fibres. In this way, thanks to recycling, each used box becomes a new one.


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