Green Organics works exclusively with organic vegetables

Wed 27/07/2022 by Amanda Cardinal
Jan Groen, CEO and owner of Green Organics

The organic fruit and vegetable brand supplies wholesalers and supermarkets, as well as the manufacturing industry. Green Organics connects and organises so that the food its farmers grow has already been sold beforehand. Hence, the buyer has the certainty that the product will be created while the grower can be sure that it will be purchased. The goal is to reach fair prices and avoid food waste.

Green Organics was founded on January 1st 2000. “We decided to start this challenge with the new century,” said Jan Groen, owner of Green Organics.

The firm supplies all the European markets, with a total volume of about 60,000 tons. The best-selling product is spinach, selling 10-15 tons.

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