Patatas Meléndez introduces biocompostable packaging

Tue 23/08/2022 by Gloria Zorrilla
Antonio Gutiérrez López, manager of Patatas Meléndez

Valladolid-based Patatas Meléndez has underlined its firm commitment to sustainability by working to reduce its use of plastics. “We now have a biocompostable bag that is unique in this sector,” said manager Antonio Gutiérrez López. Customers are increasingly engaging in conscious and responsible consumption, choosing products not only based on their quality and price, but also on their environmental and social impact. This has motivated the company to make changes to enhance its sustainability. But its ambition goes further, and Patatas Meléndez is finalising agreements with companies in France and Portugal in order to increase volumes of fresh, quality potatoes grown in line with increasingly sustainable environmental criteria.

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