World Food Moscow a window into Russian market

Thu 14/07/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
WorldFood Moscow is the leading and longest running event in Russia for the international food industry. The business-to-business event is the key meeting place; a platform for networking, negotiating and signing agreements with the region's food industry.

The fruit and vegetable industry is one of the main sectors – with a specialised section dedicated to it – to be showcased at WorldFood Moscow, Russia’s annual international food and drinks exhibition.

Being held September 12–15 at the Expocentre in Moscow, the 25th edition of WorldFood Moscow is slated to draw more than 1,500 exhibiting companies and more than 30,000 visitors from the food industry – many with top decision-making authority – and over 60 countries represented.

Over the last 20 years, WorldFood Moscow has grown to become a major meeting place for the food and drinks industry and a vibrant source of products for the Russian market. It is also a platform for organic and health food and drink products.

Designed to promote the innovative and inspiring, a tasting contest, new product showcase, theme conferences and retail centre will be among the highlights of the section dedicated to fruit and vegetables,  to be located in pavilion 2, halls 2,3.

Organisers say benefits of participating in WorldFood Moscow will include being able to:

  • Find a new export route: Since Russia banned $25 billion worth of food imports from the EU, US and other countries, it is desperate to secure new suppliers to meet demand. The year before the ban was introduced, Russia spent $25.2 billion on food imports in the categories affected. This means exporters in countries unaffected by the ban have a once-in-a-decade chance to grab a slice of this huge market.
  • Enter a huge market: Russia is a massive country with a massive market – it is the ninth most populated country in the world with 146 million people. The sheer size of the Russian market, with the ability to reach more consumers than in Japan, means it is too big for food suppliers to ignore.
  • Cater to Russia’s exotic tastes: Finding new import markets is not the only reason Russia is expanding its supply network. Russians have always had international tastes, you cannot move in Moscow for sushi restaurants – but now suppliers of more exotic products are seeing Russia as an invaluable market.
  • Make money and save time: Locating top food and beverage buyers in one convenient location facilitates networking and business negotiations with more people over a shorter time period.


Food forum

This year, the 9th Russian Food Forum will take place amidst a complex economic situation, dividing experts into two camps: optimists and pragmatists, the organisers say.

The former expect external political conflicts to settle and a growth in economic prosperity and consumer incomes. The pragmatists, on the other hand, think that sanctions will continue, as will passive geopolitical conflicts. Consequently, imported technologies will reduce and Russians will not be able to use the potential of the external market. Insights into how the situation is likely to evolve will be shared at the business programme’s industry conferences.

Conference topics include

  • Russia’s Food Market in 2015
  • The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sector: The Era of Change
  • How to Break into the Retail Chain Market and Stay on the Shelf
  • Suppliers and Retail Chains: 381 Changes on the Russian Market

Retail Centre
The Retail Centre offers information about new products and the latest trends in the food market and the opportunity to present best products and hold direct talks with top retail chains on how to get your merchandise on the shelves of major stores in the country.

To maximise its effectiveness, manufacturers and suppliers will be able to study in advance the list of participating chains with the specified categories of goods for which the chains plan to hold talks.

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