Tozer Seeds Ibérica launches first promotional campaign in Spain

Tozer Ibérica, the Spanish subsidiary of British seed company Tozer Seeds, has launched its first communication campaign in Spain to raise brand recognition in the Spanish agricultural sector.
Thu 26/11/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Tozer Seeds Ibérica launches first promotional campaign in Spain

José Carlos Grajeda, commercial technician at Tozer Ibérica, said:

“Although we have been operating in Spain since 2010, we know that there are still many professionals who do not know us. For this reason, at Tozer Ibérica we consider that the time has come to take a step forward so that Spanish producers can see the work we can develop together and know that they can count on us to optimize their vegetable production and go hand in hand to the linear . We want to offer them added value, accompanying them from the beginning to retail, minimising the producer’s risk and providing added value with new varieties.”

The constant investment in R&D as well as the permanent commitment to the environment, which is reflected in the company’s policy of perfecting plant varieties without genetic modification, are the hallmarks of Tozer Ibérica.

“We have chosen the slogan ‘Naturally innovative’ because it expresses our philosophy very well both as a company and individually. We want to continue betting on new varieties, but always with respect for our environment and support for our customers. You can be innovative in a natural way and at Tozer Ibérica we strive to demonstrate it every day,” said Grajeda.

Strategic alliances, special actions or direct marketing are some of the actions planned in this campaign that is now beginning. They will be complemented with the constant information that Tozer Ibérica will publish on their newly launched profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter.

From its offices in the Murcian town of Fuente Álamo and with a team of 12 people, Tozer Ibérica has not stopped growing since its foundation a decade ago. Its catalogue, in constant evolution, is strongly marked by high horticultural specialisation. Celery, leek, chard, spinach, cabbage, kale, tomato, pak choi, pumpkin, rocket or Kalette (finalist at the 2013 FLIA innovation awards), complete the firm’s offer.

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