Record exports of Chilean organic blueberries

Thu 02/04/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Record exports of Chilean organic blueberries

The 2019/20 Chilean blueberry season is drawing to a close, with exports down 1.5 per cent to 109,291 tons. In a statement, ASOEX stated that the decline in volume was to be expected given the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak, particularly in the key Chinese market.

“Due to the Coronavirus in China, the market in that country was paralysed after the Chinese New Year for at least three weeks, affecting a portion of containers arrived on those days.”

North America, which accounts for 52% of Chile’s blueberry exports, recorded an 11% drop in volume. By contrast, shipments to Europe were up 8%, and now represent 32% of the overall volume. There was a jump in exports to the Asian markets (+20%), which now account for 15% of the overall share.

Meanwhile, Chile’s organic blueberry shipments continued their upward trend, reaching a record 15,470 tons (+16%). Once again, the North American market is the main destination (77%) followed by Europe (23%).

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