Germans consuming more organics

Tue 09/02/2021
Germans consuming more organics © Réussir Fruits et Légumes


© Réussir Fruits et Légumes

The consumption of organic food in Germany has seen remarkable growth in recent years, according to a survey by PwC. In 2016, only 16% of buyers preferred to consume organic food that was certified, a figure that has risen to 24% today. The results show that 55% of consumers trust the seals that certify organic products, 29% trust them less, and 6% don’t trust them at all.

Germany’s organic vegetable production does not account for more than 20% of its total consumption. As a result of this difficulty to supply itself, the country imports these products, mainly from Spain. According to Statista data, Germany has the eighth-highest organic food consumption per capita in the world. The outlook is even more positive for organics: according to the 2020 Ökobarometer survey, commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 37% of its respondents answered that they regularly consume organic products, and 90% responded that they plan to eat them in the future.

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