Eataly chooses Solarelli

Fri 02/09/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
The Apofruit Group's top quality Italian fruit and vegetable brand goes on sale at the Eataly outlet in Munich and seven outlets in Italy itself. A partnership involving other European stores is in the pipeline.

Eataly, the famous chain specialising in top quality Italian produce, has chosen Solarelli to represent fine Italian fruit and vegetables in Italy and Europe-wide.

Solarelli made its European debut at the Eataly outlet in Munich, Germany, in July.

The new partnership reflects Solarelli’s mission of offering a range of fruit and vegetable products of guaranteed quality and from the best Italian growing regions. The brand belongs to the Apofruit Group, which itself is dedicated to supplying outstanding produce.

Eataly’s top fresh fruit and vegetable buyer Sergio Fessia said Solarelli’s fruit and vegetables are the perfect match for its European project, which aims to promote the best products from the Italian regions on a seasonal basis.

“It’s worth remembering that we market a geographical area, not just its products. And the assortment offered by the Solarelli brand assures us continuity of range, of the very highest quality, all year round. The Solarelli brand is already known on the markets with a good consumer approval rating, and we have seen for ourselves that its guaranteed quality level is constantly high,” he said.

Eataly plans new outlets in Copenhagen, Paris, London and Moscow and Solarelli is an ideal partner for assuring the excellent quality its aims to offer its consumers, Fessia said.

Apofruit sales manager Mirco Zanelli said Eataly is “great to work with.”

“For our brand, being selected by a top Italian firm, an ambassador for Italian produce worldwide, is a wonderful return on all the investments and hard work we have put into the promotion of our brand so far. We hope that this partnership will prove to be a lasting one,” he said.

Solarelli’s ample range incorporates the best Italian produce from the various regions throughout the year.

“We are currently supplying the Eataly outlets with plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, melons, water-melons, grapes and pears,” Zanelli said.

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