China welcomes first Chilean oranges

Thu 03/09/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
China welcomes first Chilean oranges © ASIA FRUIT LOGISITCA

The first Chilean oranges have entered China, where they were welcomed with a ceremony at Jiaxing Haiguangxing Market, which has close ties with the Chilean Export Association. Chile, the Southern Hemisphere’s second-largest orange producer, exports about 18 million tons between May and November each year. Chilean oranges and lemons have a great price-quality ratio in comparison with oranges and lemons from other countries and require no refrigeration.

China imports huge volumes of oranges from the Southern Hemisphere, with imports from Egypt growing in recent years. The citrus import market is slowly improving following the setbacks experienced during the Covid pandemic. South African grapefruit is doing particularly well.

The Jiaxing Haiguangxing Market has quickly developed into a trade centre for premium fruit in the last two years, with trade value increasing by 10.3% this year alone, and trade volume up by 13.1%.

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