CGC calls on EU to do more to fight black spot

Mon 26/08/2019 by Richard Wilkinson

Valencian citrus association CGC has demanded radical EU measures to combat negra black spot after 2,000ha were found to be infected in Tunisia. The area in Nabeul (Tunisia), the first in the Mediterranean, demonstrates how the dangerous fungus adapts to our climate. According to the CGC, this should force the EC to rectify and include this pathogen in the list of priority pests. Given the seriousness of the threat and the fifth port interception, the CGC demands that European imports from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and South Africa be suspended as the pathogen is endemic in these countries.

Contrary to what was previously believed, the ‘black spot’ has now been shown that is does adapt to the Mediterranean climate. In fact, the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation (EPPO) today issued an alert confirming that the Tunisian authorities have officially declared an area infected by this fungus. In the opinion of the Citrus Management Committee (CGC), the association that represents the main private exporters in the country, the finding should force the European Commission (EC) to take immediate measures and take a “radical shift” to raise the level of regulation requirements for citrus fruit arriving from the main supplier countries to the EU.


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