Aldi to continue expansion in northern Italy in 2021

Wed 16/12/2020
Aldi ccontinues to expand in Italy © Shutterstock

Aldi will continue its expansion in Italy, which has seen an average of three openings per month (mainly in the north), despite the many difficulties caused by the pandemic. The fruit and vegetable department continues to play a central role, as it seeks to keep the supply chain as short as possible by offering a generous selection of about 120 items of fresh fruit and vegetables.

About 80% of the food products sold by Aldi in Italy come from Italian and regional suppliers, promoting strong local links, while respecting sustainability and the seasonal rhythms of fruit and vegetable production.

Aldi’s corporate responsibility principles are laid out in a multi-year Today for Tomorrow programme, which aims to ensure sustainable development for the environment and for the society of the future. Faced with a growing number of stores, in May, Aldi doubled its logistics capacity to optimise the distribution process and now has two centres, in Oppeano (Verona) and in Landriano (Pavia). In line with the policy of greater energy efficiency, both logistics centres and shops are equipped with LED lighting and solar energy panels and all buildings are EN ISO 50001 certified.

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