Port of Valencia building a 100% electrical container terminal

<strong>Port of Valencia</strong> building a 100% electrical container terminal
The top Spanish container port is engaged in several projects to cut down CO2 emissions. Cristina Rodriguez Cruz, head of commercial clients at the Port of Valencia, explained that the aim of several […]
Tue 17/01/2023 by Gloria Zorrilla

India’s fruit imports set to fall slightly

India’s fruit imports set to fall slightly
India’s domestic apple and pear production in the 2022/23 campaign is estimated at 2.35 million tons and 311,000 tons, respectively. According to a USDA report, favourable rainfall in Kashmir and […]
Mon 21/11/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

Cenerini reports stable prices of exotics

Cenerini <em>reports stable prices of exotics</em>
The prices of imported exotic fruit are remaining stable for now, reports specialist importer Cenerini: “We are talking about the Hass avocado that we import from Peru, the mango imported by air from […]
Sun 06/11/2022 by Gabriele Orsi

Oranges losing their appeal

<strong>Oranges </strong>losing their appeal
The inexorable decline of orange consumption in the EU is likely to be accelerated by lower imports from South Africa due to new pre-cooling requirements.
Sat 29/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

EU nut imports from US climb 20%

EU nut imports from US climb 20%
In 2021, the European Union imported US$7.1 billion worth of tree nuts from the world. The United States, with $2.5 billion, is the largest supplier, accounting for 35% of total […]
Thu 20/10/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

America importing more fruit and veg

<strong>America importing more</strong> fruit and veg
The US imports almost two-thirds of its fresh fruit and one-third of its fresh vegetables, and in general, these imports are climbing. But the Biden Administration is investing in making the nation’s food system more competitive and resilient. 
Sun 02/10/2022 by Julie Butler 

EU is second-largest importer of Costa Rican agricultural produce

EU is second-largest importer of <strong>Costa Rican agricultural produce</strong>
In the first quarter of 2022, the European Union was the number-two importer of Costa Rican farm products. Shipments worth US$299 million included bananas (39%), pineapples (31%), gold coffee (9%), watermelons (6%) and melon (3%). It should be noted however that both bananas and melons will be subject to pesticide sampling in 2024 under a multi-year plan.
Tue 06/09/2022 by Maria Belen Barbini

EU tomato production continues to shrink

EU tomato production continues to shrink
Fresh tomato production in the EU is projected to continue its recent decline, falling by 3% in 2022, to 6.2 million tons, which is 5% below the five-year average. The […]
Wed 24/08/2022 by Richard Wilkinson

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