Port of Cádiz plans new logistics platform together with PTP

Tue 17/01/2023 by Gloria Zorrilla
Teofila Martinez, president of the Cádiz port authority, Guillermo Misiano, president of PTP Group, and Juan Valdivia, CEO of Athos
Teofila Martinez, president of the Cádiz port authority

The Argentine logistics group PTP has decided to make the leap to Europe and has chosen La Cabezuela dock in Puerto Real as the location of its first facilities on the continent: a refrigeration plant and a plant for bulk storage and general merchandise. PTP group is mainly located on the Paraná-Paraguay waterway, a natural fluvial transport corridor of more than 3,400 km that connects the ports of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The choice of the Cádiz logistics platform to expand its business is due to the port’s strategic location. As port authority president Teófila Martínez points out: “Cádiz is the door to three continents: Europe, Africa and America.” PTP will invest €16.5 million in the construction of the two plants in Cádiz.

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