Cenerini reports stable prices of exotics

Sun 06/11/2022 by Gabriele Orsi
Exotic fruit imported by Cenerini stored in Bologna CAAB.

The prices of imported exotic fruit are remaining stable for now, reports specialist importer Cenerini: “We are talking about the Hass avocado that we import from Peru, the mango imported by air from Israel and Mexico and the pineapple originating from Costa Rica. In general, the trend of the last two years has seen a fall in consumption of more expensive and niche products,” said sales manager Gerardo Parisi. The picture is similar for off-season fruit and vegetables too, such as Argentine lemons, South African oranges and Peruvian asparagus, with demand for these products remaining stable even in the face of medium-high prices, while purchases of more expensive off-season products decline.

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