ICA ‘nudging’ Swedes to buy healthier food 

ICA ‘nudging’ Swedes to <strong>buy healthier food </strong>
The Swedish aren’t eating enough fruit and veg, but the country’s top food retailer is determined to help them make better food choices. Moreover, it’s using the latest behavioural science in an attempt to inspire lasting change in the Scandinavian nation. 
Tue 15/11/2022 by Julie Butler

Second consecutive slip in Scandinavian imports

<strong>Second consecutive slip</strong> in Scandinavian imports
Sweden, Denmark and Finland – with a combined population of about 21.7 million – continue to lean heavily on imports for their fresh fruit and vegetable supply, but last year their combined volumes were lower than the previous year for the second time in a row, with fresh fruit imports 2% below the 2018 level. 
Sun 13/11/2022 by Julie Butler

The world’s organic food market is flourishing

The <strong>world’s organic food market</strong> is flourishing
Consumers are increasingly seeking organic food, which they perceive as good for their health and the planet, but they are also becoming more discerning and receptive to other marketing claims and certifications.
Tue 24/05/2022 by By Julie Butler @FreshScribe 

Europe’s organic market worth €45 billion

Europe’s organic market worth €45 billion
Global consumer demand for organic food increased substantially during the pandemic, with evidence that retail sales have increased by as much as 30% in some countries. But even before the […]
Thu 15/07/2021 by Richard Wilkinson

Steady rise in fruit & veg imports in Nordic markets

Steady rise in fruit & veg imports in Nordic markets
Over the last 3 years, volumes have increased by 8% for vegetables and 5% for fruit. Sweden and Norway are the top importers for both the fruit and vegetable categories. […]
Tue 15/11/2016 by Richard Wilkinson

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