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Planasa succeeds with Adelita

Planasa at Fruit Logistica 2016: Hall 18, Stand A08

Planasa at Fruit Logistica 2016: Hall 18, Stand A08

Developed and registered by Planasa, the Adelita variety has become raspberry of the moment in Andalusia’s fields as well as worldwide.

The large, attractive fruit immediately stands out, and its great flavour has the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. Moreover, this variety has a long commercial shelf life.

Adelita is the only “Primocaña” variety raspberry that enables growers to produce fruit throughout the winter in sunny climes such as Huelva or central Mexico, as well as in summer in the cooler northern European countries. Additionally, it should be noted that it is very easy to manage, as it provides high yields and is easy to harvest.

All these qualities make Adelita the favourite for consumers seeking superior quality 365 days a year. Currently, over 2,000 ha of Adelita are cultivated worldwide. For all these reasons, Planasa will be attending Fruit Logistica 2016 with a stand that is 100% Adelita.

“In just four years, Adelita as reach the top, a success that we want to share with our partners and customers,” said Alessandre Darbonne. 

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Summer Kiwi presents MERIS, the green kiwi in perfect shape

MERIS, the new green kiwifruit variety, will be revealed at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin at the SUMMERFRUIT stand, Hall 4.2 - C 05.

MERIS, the new green kiwifruit variety, is raising great expectations. Now due for launching in 2016, the first 50,000 plants of this excellent product will soon be marketed in Europe, undoubtedly with great success.

This varietal innovation was discovered in Verona in 2012. The result of a mutation of Hayward, while retaining the elongated shape typical of the variety, it is distinguished by having dry matter one point higher and a harvest period that begins 10 days sooner. The fruit is less acidic and has better dry matter content. Thanks to this combination of factors, MERIS has the best taste qualities around. It also resembles the Hayward in its high productivity and good resistance to cold storage.

Trials are already underway with experimental implants, with marketing of the first MERIS fruits scheduled for 2018.

This excellent fruit, whose harvest begins in mid-October, will be revealed at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin at the SUMMERFRUIT stand, Hall 4.2 – C 05.

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La Trentina offers more apples of top quality

During the 2015 harvest, the italian consortium La Trentina registered a 10% increase in tonnage compared to 2014.

During the 2015 harvest, the Italian consortium La Trentina registered a 10% increase in tonnage compared to 2014. “As of today, the results show that we’re heading in the right direction” said the general director, Simone Pilati. Not to mention that such positive results have taken place against a negative European background with a general decrease of 5%.

This outcome makes La Trentina very proud, as does the professionalism and experience of its associates and the particularly suitable soil where they operate in Trentino Alto Adige, in the north of Italy, which allows them to guarantee an excellent quality standard.

“Once again, the apples of La Trentina are top for quality: flavour, size and good colour” said Pilati. Future prospects entail applying the group´s strategy once again to diversifying the distribution channels, leveraging the wide range of action of the Consortium: 50% of production will be concentrated on the Italian market, while the remaining half will be earmarked for foreign countries such as Spain, North Africa or the Middle East, destinations that have become increasingly important from a strategic point of view.

La Trentina is now ready for the 13th Fruit Logistica. “The Berlin fair is an unmissable event for us,” said Simone Pilati, who underlined the international vocation of the Consortium. The event will be a strategic occasion to meet both new and well-established partners from over 40 foreign destinations where the group exports its fruits, and also to decide part of the annual commercial plan.

The Consortium awaits sector operators at the fair so they can get to know its wide variety of products: Golden Delicious, Gala, Red Delicious, Grany Smith, Morgenduft and Fuji. 

Consorzio La Trentina at Fruit Logistica 2016: Hall 2.2 – Stand D-02