The “Meninas” cultivate naturalness

Bonnysa is the first fruit and vegetable company to participate in the Meninas Gallery in Madrid
Thu 10/11/2022 by Bonnysa

Bonnysa brings all the flavor of the Mediterranean diet to the streets of Madrid, dressing one of the meninas (ladies in waiting from a Velazquez painting) in the outdoor urban exhibition “Meninas Madrid Gallery”. For the first time, a company from the fruit and vegetable sector is participating in this important artistic event with the aim of conveying to passers-by the importance of the Mediterranean diet with the motto “Cultivate your naturalness”.

From November 1 to December 15, Bonnysa will participate in the exhibition with a figure (located on Gran Vía 32, the busiest in Spain). This year has featured such figures as Los Morancos, Pablo Motos, Carmen Lomana, Paulo Coelho, among others. This urban art exhibition, which takes these universal figures of Velázquez to the streets of the city, is one of the largest open-air exhibitions in the world, with this year marking its fifth edition by taking great enthusiasm, colour and emotions in the streets of Madrid. In just a few hours since its installation, the meninas have been integrated into the city’s landscape and flooded social networks with fans wanting to be the first to see them live and transmit the values ​​of each figure.

At Bonnysa, we want to promote healthy living habits and the commitment to the Mediterranean diet as one of the values ​​that we most treasure. Madrid’s Gran Vía will feature for the first time a menina in reference to the Spanish countryside and agriculture, with very Spanish clothing and closing with the motto “cultivate your naturalness” to highlight our presence in everyday life and on tables throughout Europe. For the company, it is essential to convey to the public the importance of investing in fruits and vegetables as the best way to take care of yourself, to enjoy and extol the Mediterranean lifestyle that makes us unique.

During the month and a half that the exhibition lasts, marketing actions will be carried out to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as interactions with people taking photos with the menina and sharing them.

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