The high EU orange prices look set continue

Thu 03/05/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Average orange prices in the EU are well above the norm. In March, they stood at €70/100 kg, – 28% above the five-year average. Spain and Portugal, in particular, recorded high prices – 141% and 143% respectively compared to the five-year average.
The outlook for Italian orange producers was not too bright at the start of the year. In January, prices suddenly slumped due to oversupply and fruit damaged by bad weather conditions. However, these setbacks did not last long and by February prices were 12% above the five-year average, and they continued increasing during March, to €90/100 kg.

SOURCE: European Commission

The weather-affected crops of the  US and Brazil  will also have an impact in the  EU , with the overall availability of oranges in 2017/18 forecast to be 7.5% lower than the previous campaign (source: USDA report). This has and will lead to prices in all of the EU’s producing Member States that are well above the five-year average.

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