The dawn of intelligent machines

Is the future around the corner? No, it is already here: artificial intelligence, machines with a sense of aesthetics, software adaptable to any form of intelligence. These were just some of the latest technologies on show at Interpoma 2022 that can be applied to apples and other types of products. The era of intelligent machines begins.
Fri 13/01/2023 by Gabriele Orsi
Flow Master, the new AI interface by Aweta
The Smart-Packr machine by Greefa
The new POMONE apple calibrator by Maf Roda
The new Aporo 2 machine, designed to make aesthetically appealing packages
A new IPS packaging line
The UNIQ Apples device from Unisorting

UNITEC introduces latest version of Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples

The UNITEC group unveiled two major innovations at Interpoma 2022: Apples Sort 3 and UNIQ Apples, presented at the fair under the Unisorting brand. These machines allow sorting based on the external and internal qualitative characteristics of each apple variety through the use of specialised software to provide high-performance solutions for every single need.

TopControl launches IPS line

TopControl has launched its new IPS (Intelligent Packaging Solution) line. Using artificial intelligence and a modular packaging line that can be adapted to each customer’s needs, the IPS is able to create fixed-weight packages with real-time monitoring to control the entire process. The revolutionary Food Process software, dedicated to the management of packaging orders on the processing lines, will soon also be applied to TopControl machines.

Maf Roda introduces new POMONE grading machine

Maf Roda presents POMONE, the latest-generation sorter specifically dedicated to apples and equipped with the best technological solutions. The system is already installed in the main fruit and vegetable packing houses in Alto Adige and Piedmont. Thanks to its GLOBALSCAN 7 sensors for detecting the external characteristics of fruit and its IDD8 sensor for analysing internal defects, POMONE is an apple sorting machine that firms cannot do without. In addition, the INSIGHT application enables analysis of the internal organoleptic characteristics of fruit.

Aweta launches intelligent Flow Master interface

Aweta has launched Flow Master, the new operator interface for sorting machines. This artificial intelligence system offers direct control of products by sending real-time feedback to the operator both in the form of percentage data on product distribution in the various categories and in the form of live images of the products themselves. In combination with its three quality sensors – Ultravision for external quality, Inscan for internal qualitative and organoleptic characteristics, and AFS for examining internal consistency – it can be used for a vast range of fruit and vegetable products.

Sorma distributes Aporo 2, the machine with an aesthetic sense

Sorma has unveiled Aporo 2, its new packaging machine. Even more compact than the previous version, it is able to pack up to 120 fruits per minute. Thanks to an artificial intelligence system, Aporo 2 can select the best side of the fruit in order to compose packages that are more appealing from an aesthetic point of view, dispensing with the need for human checks while also decreasing the possibility of products remaining unpurchased on the shelf.

Greefa updates SmartPackr – BagPackr

Greefa presented its latest innovations at Interpoma 2022, starting with an improved version of SmartPackr, the automatic packaging machine equipped with a special vision system for selecting products before packaging. The new BagPackr weigher can keep differences in pack weight to below 1% for all pre-packaged items.

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