The dawn of intelligent machines

The dawn of intelligent machines
Is the future around the corner? No, it is already here: artificial intelligence, machines with a sense of aesthetics, software adaptable to any form of intelligence. These were just some of the latest technologies on show at Interpoma 2022 that can be applied to apples and other types of products. The era of intelligent machines begins.
Fri 13/01/2023 by Gabriele Orsi

ABSOGER’s EASI range, Ethylene analyser sampling instrument 

<strong>ABSOGER’s EASI range,</strong> Ethylene analyser sampling instrument 
Ethylene is the key variable for maintaining maximum quality during the storage period of climacteric fruits. Often used for apples, pears, mangoes and avocados, Abosoger’s solutions are now applicable to […]
Mon 30/05/2022 by Maria Belén Barbini

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