Spanish fresh produce exports fall in May

Tue 28/07/2020 by Richard Wilkinson
Spanish fresh produce exports fall in May

Spain registered a 16% drop in its export volumes of fresh produce during May, equivalent to a 5% fall in value, compared with May 2019. “According to Fepex, the marked decrease in fruit and vegetables exports in May was largely due to the increase in domestic consumption driven by the coronavirus and lockdown. Indeed, data from the Ministry of Agriculture showed that Spain’s household consumption grew in May.

According to Spain’s Customs and Tax Department data, the total volume was 1 million tons, worth €1.43 billion. Fruit exports were down 15% in volume Y-O-Y to 678,152 tons, but were worth 10% more in value at just over €1 billion. The most exported fruit in the May was watermelon, which recorded a 10% fall in volume to 148,724 tons, but a 41% rise in value (€112 million). Similarly, melon exports were down 13% in volume to 48,819 tons, but worth 15% more (€53.4 million). Strawberry exports remained stable at 48,995 tons, but were worth 7% more (€88 million).

Meanwhile, vegetable exports dropped both in terms of volume (-16.5%) and value (-6%) to 389,984 tons and €422 million respectively. Tomato exports were down 29% to 38,805 tons and were worth 21% less at €52 million. Pepper shipments fell 24% to 33,796 tons, worth €62 million (-11%). Lettuce exports were down 19% to 41,331 tons, but increased 8% in value to €39 million.

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