South Africa’s soft citrus crops defy expectations

Mon 09/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
South Africa’s soft citrus crops defy expectations, credit image: Alexandra Sautois, Eurofresh Distribution

South Africa’s 2019 soft citrus season presented a varied picture across the country’s diverse geography. The estimates of the major organisations (e.g. Citrus Marketing Forum) were realised, with exports amounting to 18.2 million 15kg cartons, according to data published by the CGA . However, the accuracy of the estimates appears to have been a fluke, as South Africa’s fourth largest production area, Sundays River, exported 31% more than the initial estimate, while the fifth biggest, Senwes, exported 42.6% less than had been forecast. The largest soft citrus region (Boland) exported 17% more than the estimate, and the second biggest region (Western Cape) shipped 14% more than had been projected. The Patensie region in the end exported 6% less than was expected.

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