Polish organic market expanding at double-digit rate

Mon 09/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Polish organic market expanding at double-digit rate

The strong growth in Poland’s organic market is largely down to trade networks, according to Karol Gębka, the trade director of one of the country’s largest organic producers, Świętokrzyska Farm. Speaking to www.portalspozywczy.pl, Gębka said,

“When we started our activity over 15 years ago, there was practically no organic market in Poland. The vegetables and fruits we produced were raw materials for export. Virtually 100 percent of what we produced at the beginning was for products processed in the west.”

In recent years, the situation has changed dramatically, and the organic food market is the fastest-growing segment of Poland’s entire food sector.

“This change is possible thanks to commercial networks. They invest in these products, promote them and build consumer awareness,” said Gębka.

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