Lidl launches innovative organic vegetable labelling

Tue 10/12/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Lidl launches innovative organic vegetable labelling

Lidl Poland has begun labelling its organic vegetables using a non-invasive laser technique to avoid using packaging, paper, ink or glue, reports The technique is already being used with the retailer’s organic butternut squash and celery, as of the beginning of December. The technique is entirely safe and does not affect the structure and nutritional value of the products in any way, leaving just a “tattoo” on the vegetable using a concentrated light beam. Information that these are organic products can be found directly on the skin.

The Schwarz Group, which includes Lidl and Kaufland, is one of the largest retailers on the international stage. The Group has developed a comprehensive REsetPlastic strategy aimed at reducing waste, recycling, eliminating plastics, and education.

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