Sector hails opening of Biomarket

Thu 17/12/2020
Sector hails opening of Biomarket © Mercabarna
In presence of J. Tejedo, general director of Mercabarna, A. Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and A. Colom, President of Mercabarna © Mercabarna


Mercabarna’s Biomarket in Barcelona opened at the end of November, an exclusive wholesale market for organic products. The Fernández global fruit group has taken advantage of this new facility by setting up three new stalls to offer organic products and services to its customers and suppliers.

“We believe in organic farming as part of our commitment to the environment and the health of consumers. Organic products have been present in our range for years, currently we have consolidated products such as Canarian bananas, pineapples, bananas, kiwis, apples and a wide range of exotics. We also have our own brands dedicated exclusively to organic products: Cuqui Bio and Orsero Bio,” said a spokesperson for Fernandez.

This new commercial location is a boost to the organic sector and becomes a benchmark platform for the commercialisation of organic products nationally and internationally.

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