Record year for exports of Chile’s blueberries

Tue 27/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson

Chile’s blueberry industry is expected to set a historical record in volumes exported this year (110,000 tons). According to data from Chile’s Committee of Blueberries (ASOEX), volumes are up by 6% this season. Chile’s blueberry exports suffered last year mainly due to their early harvest time (almost four weeks) leading to the fruit arriving on markets that were not prepared for such high volumes. This season’s harvest was more on schedule and marketing was improved in the US, all of which should lead to a more balanced campaign for the sector. The fruit is also of a better quality and flavour.

The North American markets remain the main destination for the Chilean blueberry, with a share of total shipments reaching 64%, followed by Europe (24%), Asia (12%), Latin America (0.2 %) and the Middle East (0.1%). With blueberry consumption beginning to catch on in France, Italy and Russia, Europe has seen the strongest growth in demand for the Chilean the product (+12%), followed by Asia (+5%) and North America (+4%).



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