Corsica, the land of citrus

Tue 27/03/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
corsica citrus

Corsica has among the world’s most beautiful and diverse collections of citrus, growing more than 800 different varieties. Today, 1,450 hectares of citrus are grown on the island, with 28,000 tons of clementines produced this winter compared to 24,000 during the previous winter. The island’s producers are looking for an endemic variety of clementines, which can represent the identity of Corsica and extend the season beyond January. The citrus growers would also like to be able to produce a Corsican lime, for summer tourists. But this would have to remain a niche market as the Corsican clementine is expensive compared to her mass-produced cousins in Spain and Italy. Corsican producers are handicapped by the necessity to transport their production by sea as well as by the production requirements of the protected geographical indication (PGI) prohibiting any storage. The Corsican clementine should be eaten fresh, unlike the fruits coming from Spain that pass through storage rooms and ethylene treatment.


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