Record prices of Spanish avocado

Wed 12/09/2018 by Richard Wilkinson
aguacate spain

The price of avocado in Spain has once again hit a historical high, with an average price at origin of €2.55/kg, an increase of 13% compared to last season. Category 1 fruit, with 71% of the commercialised volume, obtains an average price for the farmer of €2.89/kg. This commercial category includes fruit up to calibre 22 (from 171 to 190 grams). These high prices can be found for all varieties. The Bacon variety has a price that is 43% higher than last season, while the Fuerte costs 36% more and there has been an 8% increase for Hass, which is the most commercially appreciated and represents 86% of the volume marketed in Andalusia.

During the 2017/18 season, 69% of the Hass variety was sold as first category, reaching an average price for the farmer of €3.09/kg. Its quotation oscillated within a range of €2.87 to 3.50/kg, mainly staying above €3.00/kg. The average price obtained for the second category was €1.87/kg.

Average Spanish avocado prices 2015-2018


 Source: Price observatory CAPDER


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