Pink Lady® reports good results in a struggling market

Mon 08/07/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Pink Lady® apple

Despite declining apple consumption in the main EU markets, Pink Lady® has maintained a good performance this season with 170,000 tons marketed, slightly lower than the 178,000 tons in the previous campaign. This slight decline is explained by harsh weather conditions at harvest time, and did not prevent the brand from gaining market share, attesting to a strong growth and continuing to prove its CSR commitments in line with its IMAGINE 2025 strategy.

Pink Lady® once again demonstrated its dynamism in all European markets in a struggling apple market (-12.2% in Germany, -9.8% in Belgium or -3.5% in France).

Sales in the top three markets:

  • the Netherlands +15%, with more than 10, 000 tons;
  • France +14%, with 22,250 tons;
  • the UK +9%, with over 33,000 tons.

Major market share gains were registered in Ireland (+5 points), Germany (+1.5) and France (+0.8).

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