Olivado Fresh fresh and processed avocados from Kenya

Thu 02/12/2021 by Pierre Escodo
Portrait of Joy Draper and Gary Hannam. Copyright: Eurofresh Distribution.
Joy Draper, director of Olivado Limited in New Zealand, and Gary Hannam, Olivado Fresh CEO.

Founded in 2000 in New Zealand and then in 2007 in Kenya, the Olivado Fresh brand is already famous in many countries for its extra virgin avocado and coconut oils. The company exports over 400 tons of extra virgin avocado oil to 35 countries. A more recent venture, Olivado Fresh focuses on exporting organic and conventional fresh avocadoes. Olivado Fresh is also a pioneer in producing biofuel from avocado waste. In Kenya, the company has invested in two huge anaerobic digesters with a substrate capacity of 1400m3 for biogas production.

“It generates enough energy to power our electric generators,” said CEO Gary Hannam. 

Biogas is a perfect solution for treating organic waste from the factory, as it offers a renewable alternative to costly and unreliable grid electricity. What’s more, a by-product is produced from this process in the form of a bio-fertiliser made from digester effluent.

“We have designed and successfully installed a system that costs a fraction of other similar systems in the region, while also developing the local skills required to implement and operate such a facility.”


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