NSure launches new FreshNSure Pear test

Tue 02/05/2017 by Richard Wilkinson
Innovative NSure test determines 1-MCP application.

NSure extends her range of tests by introducing the FreshNSure Pear test. This test provides a practical and reliable tool to determine whether a batch of pears has been treated with 1-MCP. 1-MCP leaves no residue after treatment. The FreshNSure test clearly demonstrates whether or not 1-MCP has been applied based on the activity of a specific set of genes. The test is currently available for the important pear variety ‘Abate Fetel’. FreshNSure pear will be available for ‘Conference’ pears soon.

Pears are treated with 1-MCP to protect them from the adverse effect of ethylene, thereby improving shelf life and storability. Because 1-MCP delays ripening, it is applied in storage to maintain quality of recently harvested pears. However, the use of 1-MCP is sometimes not desirable or even allowed. Because 1-MCP leaves no residue, it is not possible to show the difference between treated or non-treated pears. Therefore, NSure has developed the FreshNSure Pear test. This test measures the activity of a selected set of genes that is affected due to 1-MCP treatment. This enables NSure to determine whether 1-MCP has been applied or not. Effect of treatment is measurable after 2 up to 20 weeks after the start of storage.

Pear samples (15 pears) should be taken directly from stored batches. FreshNSure’s practical sampling kit includes all tools needed to prepare a pear sample. One only needs to apply a few drops of juice to the sampling card. The test result will be categorized in ‘not treated’ or ‘treated’. Test results are provided within 48 hours after arrival of the sample(s) at the laboratory.

NSure collaborates with several distributors and laboratories in Europe to allow local service and guarantee the shortest turnaround times.

NSure works continuously on further development of the FreshNSure test. Recently, FreshNSure Apple has been made available for a wider range of varieties and a FreshNSure kiwifruit is expected to be released in the near future.

If you are interested in the FreshNSure test or its possibilities for your business or varieties? Please, feel free to contact us. we’ll keep you informed about new developments  through our digital newsletter and NSure website.

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