New Nordic nutritional recommendations include environmental considerations 

The Nordic Ministerial Council has published new nutritional guidelines for a healthier, setting dietary guidelines and nutrition recommendations in the Nordic and Baltic countries.
Mon 14/08/2023 by Richard Wilkinson

This latest version of Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) are based not only on nutritional value and what is good for our health but also on what is good for the environment. According to the NNR, it is 500 to 800g (or more) of a variety of berries, fruits and vegetables that is recommended to consume daily. This means that for a sustainable diet, one should forget the often-cited minimum intake of 400g/day and start to be more ambitious.  

A predominantly plant-based diet high in vegetables, fruits, berries, pulses, potatoes and whole grain nuts is recommended with a moderate intake of low-fat dairy products and limited intake of red meat, poultry, processed meat, alcohol, and processed foods containing high amounts of fats, salt and sugar. Those recommendations are still far from the European reality, where fresh produce consumption is stuck at 364g/day, according to the latest Freshfel Consumption Monitor.


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