Mercadona commits to supporting Spanish avocado sector and fair practices

Tue 15/02/2022 by Richard Wilkinson
Avocados from Spanish, bought by Mercadona stores. Copyright: Mercadona.

Spain’s leading supermarket chain Mercadona has pledged to purchase 30% more Spanish-grown avocados this season, taking the total to over 8,400 tons. In a statement, the retailer said it is committed to sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from local suppliers and supports the government’s ‘Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables’ initiative. It also backs fair commercial practices and for years has adhered to the Code of Good Commercial Practices in Food Contracting.

This voluntary agreement, which represents a new step in the promotion of fair trade practices, is part of the Law on Measures to Improve the Functioning of the Food Chain and is promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in collaboration with different associations of the entire national agri-food chain.

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