Magnit opens the 20,000th store

Mon 22/07/2019 by Richard Wilkinson
Magnit opens the 20,000th store

Potato, onion and apples, the most frequent purchases

Magnit, the second largest Russian retailer, has recently opened its 20,000th store. It is located in Moscow region and is equipped with cutting-edge technologies: electronic price tags, mobile bar-code printers, self-service cashiers. The store area is 600 square meters; the assortment includes 6,000 SKU.

By the way, the survey organised by the analytics of Magnit showed that top-5 most frequent purchase in convenience stores are potatoes, onions, apples, bread and chicken.

Russian consumers’ concern about waste

46% of Russian consumers consider waste the most vital ecological challenge, revealed a survey carried out by the Russian research agency VCIOM. Contributing to the problem’s solution, 40% of buyers choose the recycling package, 30% opt for unpacked goods, and 23% discard dangerous waste in special containers. Some retailers install such containers in their stores.

Russian retailers are concerned about waste challenge too. For instance, X5 Retail Group dispatches for recycling all used carton and plastic package. Besides the retailer plans to start selling goods to customers’ package. As for other waste, rotten fruit and vegetables actually account for 45% of all the trash in stores and distribution centers. It would be wise to use them as compost.

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