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Mon 24/10/2016 by Richard Wilkinson
The 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum & Roundtable takes place aboard the SS Rotterdam November 29-30 in Rotterdam.

Information technology is changing all industries so how is it changing the game in fresh produce? That question will be the focus of the 3rd EU Fresh Info Forum & Roundtable, taking place aboard the SS Rotterdam November 29-30 in Rotterdam.

The most relevant aspects of information management, information standardisation, and information technology and development in relation to fresh produce will be covered at the event, which is organised by Frug I Com in collaboration with GS1 in Europe, the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) and the Fresh Produce Centre.

Rich plenary session programme

The morning plenary session programme will start with the spotlight on the impact of the ‘Change of the Game’ on the fresh produce sector as keynote speakers highlight the likely effects not just on the customer but across the entire supply chain.

Six key themes will be addressed in breakout sessions:

  • Data quality – how it is essential for fresh produce supply for retail,
  • Farm data – covering why more and more data from farms is needed in the supply chain and including results from the Farm Digital Research & Innovation Program,
  • ​Technovation – an update on major developments such as the entry of drones, robots and sensors in the sector,
  • Logistics – a glance into the future of logistics,
  • Fact-driven – covering how big data is changing the decision making process in fresh produce and why data should be the oil of a company.
  • Capability to change – the ability to harness new technology demands readiness to change business processes and ability to overcome the fear of the unknown so this session pays special attention to the process of change and the people who have to implement it.


Game over?

In the session ‘Trendz! Onto 2030 the impact on the fresh game’, renowned speaker Richard van Hooijdonk will share a glimpse of future trends and the impact on fruit and vegetables. Participants will be left pondering whether they should do something now or need to wait.

Fresh technology tour

A special tour is planned for November 29 to show foreign visitors the most cutting edge Dutch horticulture companies. It will include a visit to the Urban Farm De Schilde, where hydroponic and aquaponic cultivation takes place on the roof of a disused office, and the chance to learn about the latest developments in glasshouse logistics through a visit to Ter Laak Orchids, where every orchid has its own RFID chip.

Fresh Produce Centre management dinner
November 29 is also the date of the management dinner being held as part of the EU Forum. At the dinner, the CEOs of companies which are Fresh Produce Centre members will discuss the ‘Change of the Game’ and in particular why the digital transformation of fresh produce company management is essential for the next generation of fresh produce.

For more information visit: http://eufreshforum.com/

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