La Trentina focuses on optimism and quality

Wed 06/04/2016 by Richard Wilkinson

“The campaign is developing well thanks to a correlation between supply and demand, allowing our product to gain added value. All of our contacts these days points to this: the air we breathe is buzzing, it’s up to us now to transform this optimistic climate into reality.”

Those were the comments made by Simone Pilati, director general of the La Trentina consortium, during Fruit Logistica 2016, where the consortium’s apples once again featured:

“For the thirteenth cycle in a row we are still in the same place: it’s become Trentina Square. The quantities are promising this year, and this is the first step in finding that balance between supply and demand, which will allow us to increase the value of our product,” Pilati said.

The success of these Trento apples has always been closely linked to the quality of the product and of the land:

“The goodness of the apple,” Pilati concludes, “comes from the land. We represent Trento, with its natural, robust produce. Our fruit comes from one of the best locations in the world. Sometimes true innovation consists of succeeding in always guaranteeing the same level of quality.”


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