La Costiera promotes Sorrento lemons

Fri 01/09/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

A romatic, juicy and sweet: there are few places in Italy quite as well suited to lemon production as the Sorrento coast, a true delicacy among Italian citrus fruits, widely used in haute cuisine and patisserie.

“Our reference market,” explains Fernando Vinaccia, owner and sales director of La Costiera, “looks to large Italian retail organisation son the one hand and is particularly interested in northern Europe on the other. At the momento we are also working on organic lemons, thanks to our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Global Gap certifications. It goes without saying, though, that we are talking about a special kind of lemon, with a higher-thanaverage price, and so it is directed at markets that are willing to pay something extra for a quality product.” And La Costiera’s Sorrento lemons certainly aren’t lacking in quality: “The Sorrento lemon,” Vinaccia continues, “is very rich in essential oils, the flesh is especially juicy, and the rind is aromatic and edible; even the leaves can be used in cooking. It is a niche product, for connoisseurs, and that is why it is valued so highly.”

La Costiera was formed in the ’60s in Sorrento as a family business specialising in the production and sale of the Sorrento Lemon. In 1997, business activity was transferred to Fondi, in the Latina province, where La Costiera became the market leader in the production and sale of citrus fruits, especially lemons, offering its customers a guarantee of a genuine, quality product available continuously throughout the year. Most of La Costiera’s groves are found in Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and other parts of Campania, as well as in Cantabria and Sicily.

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