Inter Terra, at the vanguard of the Spanish persimmon

Fri 01/09/2017 by Richard Wilkinson

Spanish firm Inter Terra is now full prepared to take on the new campaign. Its persimmon production plant in Lepe is Europe’s southernmost growing area. Inter Terra sells its signature product, the Triumph (internationally known as ‘the sweetest persimmon in the world’), under the brand names Sharoni© and Medina©. In recent years the firm has added new plantations to meet the growing demand from emerging markets.

“We are really hopeful for the forthcoming campaign and this is backed up by the data we have gathered relating to the expected quality and production levels. With our experience and stable growth model, we are able to supply our products to any market in the world − although our main priority will always be to maintain the excellent quality levels for which we are known,” manager Juan Soler said. In the face of the challenges that the new campaign poses for Inter Terra, company president Rocio Medina remains optimistic and has complete faith in the superb performance that his varieties of persimmon consistently demonstrate.

“Our heavy investments in research and development are paying dividends. We are constantly improving our installations and processes and we have gained extensive experience in growing and selling persimmon. The trust which our customers place in us year after year is the greatest support we could hope for when embarking on a campaign that is so globalised and not without its problems,” Medina said.

Inter Terra is the marketing company of the Medina Group, the leader in the production of persimmon and based in Lepe (Huelva). Besides persimmon, it produces nectarines, berries, kumquats and avocadoes, too. Grupo Medina also owns Viveros California, one of Europe’s most renowned nurseries for strawberry and raspberry plants.

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